Students are getting into trouble for Tebowing in school hallways, but Tim Tebow's memoir, Through My Eyes, still saw a surge in sales last week, the New York Post reported.

We have to go back to reprint practically every day, HarperCollins senior vice president Lisa Sharkey told the Post. We didn't anticipate this kind of a season.

The book was released in May and coauthored by Nathan Whitaker, whose resume includes several collaborations with former NFL coach Tony Dungy. Reviews for Through My Eyes have been mostly positive on Amazon and

The book news comes a day after the Denver Broncos lost against the New England Patriots.

On Saturday, SNL poked fun at the famous quarterback's religiosity. Cast member Taran Killam portrayed Tebow while costar Jason Sudeikis played Jesus. 

Sudeikis paid a visit to the Denver Broncos' locker room post-game in a cloud of smoke and urged the football player to improve his game.

I pray to you before every game, Killam's Tebow said, barely able to contain his excitement.

I appreciate that but here's something else you should do before the game, Sudeikis responded. Stretch. Get the arm warm. Read the playbook. Do you read that?

The holy Bible is my playbook, Tebow said with a smile.

Okay, great, Sudeikis responded. That's great. But you need to read the regular playbook. Seriously, I'm doing all the work here.

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