While many manufacturers have just begun equipping devices with 4G connectivity, Samsung is already ahead of the curve, having reported successful tests of 5G technology that will be the future of wireless capability.

The Korean electronics giant announced on Monday that it has successfully tested 5G data transmission using the 28GHz waveband to transmit data at a speed of 1 gigabit per second (Gbps).

The fifth-generation, or 5G, wireless network can facilitate data transfers at speeds up to tens of gigabits per second, while current 4G networks can reach speeds of up to 75-100 megabits per second (Mbps). According to Samsung, 5G connectivity would allow the transfer of “massive data files, including high-quality digital movies practically without limitation.” Ideally, 5G would allow users to download an entire movie in one second.

Samsung was able to implement successful 5G data transfer tests by using 64 antenna elements to overcome “unfavorable propagation characteristics,” which previously prevented data travelling across long distances using the bands, the company added in a statement.

Even 4G LTE networks are still being implemented into devices and rolled out onto mobile networks, indicating that 5G technology won’t be ready for the commercial market for some time; Samsung projects that 5G connectivity will be available to consumers by 2020.