Only three days before Samsung’s (KRX:005935) planned unveiling of its fabled Galaxy Gear on Sept. 4 in Berlin, images and other key details of the smart watch have been leaked online, suggesting that the wrist-mounted device could look like a miniature Galaxy S4.

Although Samsung has already confirmed that it will announce a wearable device on Wednesday, the company has not disclosed any details about the device’s features or specs. But, a report from VentureBeat, on Sunday, leaked a set of photos of the Samsung smart watch, which are said to be of a prototype sent to developers and selected partners.


Here are some key features and specifications of the Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch, as reported by VentureBeat:

- High quality OLED display with a screen measuring about 3 inches diagonally.

- Samsung’s S Voice feature for voice commands.

- Preloaded Android apps for social media, health tracking and more.

- Integration with Galaxy S smartphones or tablets via Bluetooth.

- Wi-Fi for Internet access, including e-mail, even when not connected to a smartphone.

- A four-megapixel camera, built into the strap and small speakers in the clasp.

- Swipe function to access apps, camera and the photo gallery.

- Capability to initiate phone calls and view call logs from a paired smartphone.

- Power button on the side.

- 10+ hours of battery life.

According to the VentureBeat report, the photos were obtained from an internal promotional video, which showed that Samsung is planning to position the Galaxy Gear as a device with substantial focus on fitness and health tracking.

According to the report, the Galaxy Gear can track a user’s heart rate and calorie intake while working out at the gym. Users can also monitor their heart rates at any point of time by using a built-in heart rate monitor. Moreover, users can also track their food intake by taking photos of their meals.

According to a different report -- from GigaOM -- if the leaked photos in question belong to a prototype of the Galaxy Gear, there are chances that Samsung may come up with a different-looking and better-finished product at the highly anticipated launch.

The report cited an anonymous source who revealed some details about the Galaxy Gear. The notifications appear full-screen on the watch, with icons on the top and a two-line text at the bottom of the screen. According to the source, however, the smart watch does not have a built in browser and will need a paired smartphone to connect to the Internet.

Other likely features of the smartwatch, as listed by GigaOM, include a Samsung Exynos 4212 dual core 1.5GHz processor with Mali-400 MP4 GPU, NFC support, Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, built-in accelerometer and other sensors.