Samsung will debut the Galaxy S Blaze 4G on the T-Mobile network March 21, and it's set to scorch the HTC Sensation 4G. That's because both are $150 on contract, and the Sensation 4G is nearly a year old already. It's held up well, and it's even scheduled to get the Android 4.0 update, but it will have to don its fire-fighting gear to get past Samsung's newest high-speed offering.

Because both devices cost $150, many people will no doubt be comparing them. When the Sensation came out last year, it really was an amazing phone. The fact it still costs $150 is a testament to that. While the Galaxy Blaze brings in new hardware and Samsung's updated TouchWiz software, the Sensation hangs in there pretty well. If you head over to the T-Mobile store, which we recommend you do, you'll see both phones are $200. There is a mail-in rebate for both, so once you buy one and redeem the rebate, the cost will be $150. Start the slideshow to see how these two great phones stack up. Tell us in the comments if you think another T-Mobile phone should be in this conversation and why.

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