It's hard to imagine where smartphone's would be without the incredible resolution their screens are capable of. Without paying a super premium price for high definition display's, the AMOLED screens give the best quality in today's high tech mobile industry. Tablets use them of course, but there are so many more smartphones out there with the AMOLED technology, we've made a brief guide of the best five out there. Samsung invented the AMOLED system, so they get the obvious first choice. That also means no iPhones make the list (Apple is suing Samsung for copyright infringement on several fronts).

The AMOLED technology is a display technology and it's a type of thin film where organic compounds form the lit substance under the glass screen of many smartphones. The active matrix part means the technology behind the how the pixels turn on and off. Researchers are still working on making the technology viable for larger screens like televisions. There's also a Super AMOLED designation out there currently only for Samsung devices. The Super just means that one extra layer of glass is gone from the display, making one less surface for light to go through and thereby makng the screen clearer and brighter.

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