Samsung may debut the Galaxy S3 smartphone in April according to reports from the Korean manufacturer's marketing team Cheil Worldwide. Samsung didn't debut the Galay S2 at the Mobile World Congress because it said there would be a stand alone release set before summer. The Galaxy S2 smartphone did appear at the 2011 MWC, but its runaway success has afforded Samsung to take the Apple approach and hold its own press event for the unveiling.

Tech blog Boy Genius Report previously outed a supposed ceramic backing on Samsung's newest superphone, but now is reporting the S3 will launch globally all at once. That means it could go live in the U.S. at the same time as in Korea, something that did not happen with the Galaxy S2. If that turns out to be true, and the Galaxy S3 does come to the U.S. before summer, the question is which carrier will get if first. AT&T got first dibs on the Samsung Galaxy Note in February. AT&T is rumored to have gotten the exclusivity deal for only 45 to 60 days, so a similar deal could be in the works for the giant 4.8-inch screen Galaxy S3.

Samsung has sold around 20 million Galaxy S2 smartphones in its first year of release. A Samsung only press event will give it a chance to build up the kind of hype usually only connected to an Apple launch. That way, when the Galaxy S3 goes on sale, people will be tempted to camp out overnight at stores to grab one. Some of the rumored features to be had on the Galaxy S3 besides the ceramic backing and huge display are a quad-core processor and Samsung's own Super AMOLED Plus display technology. Tell us in the comments if you're more excited about a rumored iPad 3 launch or the awaited Galaxy S3 smartphone.