Samsung is debuting Google's Android 4.0 system on a brand new seven inch tablet this March, and it's called the Galaxy Tab 2. The original Galaxy Tab came out in 2010, and Samsung is not inclined to add Android 4.0 to that device. Galaxy Tab 2 will debut in the UK, but there are no further details about a U.S. release or any pricing info. What Samsung has said is the Galaxy Tab 2 has many of the same exact features as the Galaxy Tab, but with more memory, internal storage and a slightly thinner profile.

In fact, the Galaxy Tab 2 may not ever get a U.S. release, because there is already the Galaxy Tab Plus 7.0, and the Galaxy Tab 2 has a look that more closely resembles the Galaxy Tab 10.1N. Samsung released that device in Europe to get around a patent fight with Apple's iPad. Furthermore, without the Galaxy Tab 2, that just means Samsung tablet owners in the U.S. have to continue waiting for the new Android system on their Galaxy 10.1, 8.9 and 7.7's. Galaxy Tab 2 features the seven-inch screen, 1024x600p resolution, dual-core processor, 32 gigaybtes of storage, microSD card reader and 3G radio. So, if it does come to the U.S. it could go through T-Mobile or AT&T due to its GSM attenuation. AT&T sells the 8.9 on their LTE network, and T-Mobile sells the 10.1 and 7.0 Plus on their 4G network, so, again it's hard to say what Samsung will do. For comparison, however, T-Mobile sells the 7,0 Plus for $249 with a new two-year contract and data plan.

Additionally, given there are already two tablets out there with Android 4.0, neither of them being a Samsung, this move is even more mysterious. Many assumed Samsung would be among the first to bring the new system to their tablets because the Samsung Galaxy Nexus debuted the system in December. Tell us in the comments if you're about to upgrade from the original Galaxy Tab.