The patent fight between Samsung and Apple has become more severe as time passes. An interview of Samsung senior executive by Associated Press showed the South Korean electronic giant is adopting a more aggressive stance against Apple, Friday.

We are pursuing the strategy for patents fights against Apple and the way will be more ‘aggressive’,” Younghee Lee, the head of global marketing for mobile communications of Samsung told Associated Press (AP).

Apple has been free riding wireless technology patents until now, and Samsung has been quite respectful and also passive in a way, as it has business relationship with Apple as a supplier of components for its devices, she added.

Samsung’s new strategy for fighting against Apple more or less came after reports about Apple deciding to keep away from Samsung as a supplier of memory chips for its products surfaced.

According to Samsung’s last annual report, in 2010, its yearly sales for Apple accounted around $5.7 billion and Apple was Samsung’s No.2 customer, and this year Apple moved to No.1.

If Samsung still takes more aggressive attitude towards Apple, there will be numerous loss in sales for Samsung in short term as Apple may seek for alternative components and devices suppliers.

For years Samsung business tend to consumer end of the spectrum for better profit margins. And seeking for new source supplier for growing mobile business will be inconvenient to Apple.

Samsung senior executive’s comments will make the situation tougher and it will be hard to see peaceful resolution anytime soon.

Samsung has pretty much engaged in a patent fight with Apple. Within a week of Apple's initial lawsuit, Samsung countersued Apple alleging infringement of over 10 patents, and the two companies had endless legal disputes with each other. Samsung may know that adding more lawsuits doesn’t resolve things any faster, but if it wins in one region, the Korean company could stand on velvet.

However, Apple has been winning its cases so far, particularly its business in European market. As of now Samsung hasn’t fired any fatal salvo towards Apple. However the Korean company will continue trying to do so.