Caviar, the popular luxury brand in Russia known for making customized limited-edition bling phones, is back with Putinphone. This time around, Samsung’s Galaxy S7 has got the Putinphone makeover. This new variant is referred as “Caviar Samsung Supremo Putin Rubino.”

The Galaxy S7 Putinphone carries the Russian President Vladimir Putin's face engraved on the back of the handset. There are multiple versions of Puntinphone. One of them apparently comes with 190 actual rubies carefully placed around the engraved face of Putin. The second version comes with just the golden face of Putin at the back, sans rubies.

Other embellishments at the back of the Galaxy S7 are made of gold. Caviar will apparently manufacture only three of "Samsung Supremo Putin Rubino" units. Speaking of price, this handset will cost an arm and a leg at about $27,111.

In addition to the expensive Putinphone, Caviar is also offering a relatively affordable handset dubbed “Rubino Galaxy S7.” This variant is made of mixed metals. Instead of pure gold, it comes mixed with yellow and white gold, but there are no expensive rubies onboard. The Rubino Galaxy S7 will reportedly set the buyers back by about $2,560.

As it turns out, the third variant of the Galaxy S7 Putinphone is called "Caviar Samsung Supremo Putin" and it is priced at 159,000 rubles (about $2,408). This device comes with a titanium plate as the back panel, which is gold-colored, according to GSM Arena. All three Galaxy S7 Putinphone variants are available for preorder right now via Caviar's official website.

In case buyers would like to stay away from Putin’s face, "Caviar Atlante Russia Ornamento" is the model to go for. At 149,000 rubles ($2,257), a very colorful version of the Russian coat of arms, along with the traditional Russian painting mechanism called “Khokhloma” with berries, leafs, creepers and flowers can be purchased.