According to a recent report, Sandra Bullock is apparently considering adopting another child. The Oscar-winning actress, who already has an adopted son, is in the process of adding another member to her family, according to Radar Online reports.

Sources close to Bullock informed Radar Online that she's just completed the paperwork for another adoption, with hopes that it will be completed soon. A source close to her disclosed in a statement, She's always said she wants more than a child - and she's now taking active steps to see her dream come true.

Bullock, a devoted single mom to adorable Louis Bardo, since her painful divorce from serial cheater Jesse James, has always wanted more than one child and feels that now is the right time to give her two-year-old a sibling, reports Radar.

The report further added that Bullock is really eager for another child and not very concerned whether it is a boy or a girl, as long as it is healthy.

However, Bullock's representative has said, according to some reports, that the 47-year-old actress has no plans to adopt at this time.

Bullock has taken time off her big-screen career to enjoy her newfound motherhood these last couple of years. Her only films in 2011 were Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.

Meanwhile, the A-lister doesn't plan on being away for too long: she next stars opposite George Clooney in Mexican filmmaker Alfonso Cuarón's eagerly anticipated sci-fi epic, Gravity, unspooling in November.