And you thought Ralphie from A Christmas Story was being brazen asking for a Red Ryder BB gun.

Mekeeda Austin, 13, wrote a letter to Santa asking for two items for Christmas this year: A BlackBerry smartphone and the real-life Justin Bieber.

As ridiculous as these requests were, Austin went one step further; She told Santa, Remember...two of these, or you die.

Austin's mother, 40-year-old Tracey of Brickhill, Bedford in the United Kingdom, found the note in her daughter's backpack when she returned home from school.

According to the Daily Mail, Austin also demanded a designer Laura Knitted 33 Jumper, money, Converse trainers, sunglasses and teen singer Austin Mahone, in addition to Bieber and a BlackBerry.

Austin went as far to promise to hunt down and kill Santa, Rudolph and his eight reindeers if she didn't get what she wanted, since she could serve their meat to homeless people on Xmas day.

Well at least she has the giving part of Christmas spirit down...

Tracey Austin said she will not punish her daughter for the threating letter to Santa.

When I first found the letter I thought it was funny, now I think I better get her what she wants, the last thing I want is for her to kill Santa, Tracey Austin told the Daily Mail. I know it sounds like she is spoilt but I like to get my daughter what she wants also you don't want to get on the wrong side of her.

Mekeeda Austin agrees, admitting she believes she deserves all of the gifts instead of a big bag of coal.

I was angry because I thought I wasn't going to get all the presents I wanted this year. Even though my mum found the note I still think I will get most of the things I want, she said. I don't see any problem with the letter, I want all of these things and I don't see why I shouldn't get them.

And if you're wondering if this Christmas will be merry for 13-year-old Mekeeda, who admitted she doesn't really believe in Santa, it will be, as he mother will be giving her everything she asked for this year.

She loses phones constantly, so I know the Blackberry won't be in her possession for long, but she will be furious if she doesn't get one, Austin's mother said. So I'll probably be getting her a phone and some money.

Well almost everything. Justin Bieber and Austin Mahone might be a trickier present to purchase this year for Tracey.

I would fly over Austin Mahone and Justin Bieber, but I guess they will be busy with their own families on Xmas day, she said.

While the media has had a field day reporting about the 13-year-old girl who threatened to kill Santa, Tracey Austin said her daughter is just very energetic.

She is a lovely girl but can be very demanding, Austin said. There is never a dull moment when she is around so we can forgive her for being a bit of a diva.


Dear Santa,

This Christmas, I don't ask for much so if I don't get at least two of these things I want, I will literally KILL you! Do you understand?! Oh, also, I'll hunt down your reindeers, cook them & serve their meat to homeless people on Christmas Day.

Nobody wants that..

So here's what I want...

A blackberry

Austin Mahone or Justin Bieber (real)


Laura Knitted 33 Jumpter (

High-top converses


Two of these, or you die.

Love from