Two Saudi men have been convicted for their involvement in serious crimes after having joined the Islamic State group.

The Criminal Court in Saudi Arabia said in the verdict that the men had traveled to the war zone in Syria. One of them was convicted for joining ISIS camps and undergoing combat training. The man also surrendered his passport to an ISIS member and took part in war under the ISIS banner.

The man has been imprisoned for eight years since the day of his arrest. He has also been fined SR3,000 (around $800) and banned from traveling during the imprisonment.

The other Saudi convict pledged allegiance to an ISIS leader and acted as a coordinator. He also took part in Syria war. The man reportedly returned to the Kingdom as he failed to accept ISIS ideologies. He has been jailed for five years and banned from travel for the said period.

A drug addict was found to be inciting people against the Saudi leadership. He reportedly carried out the campaign on social media, Arab News reported.

The man has been found guilty of verbal abuse against the people of Saudi Arabia. He has been convicted for challenging the grand mufti of Saudi Arabia as well. He has been sentenced six years under the Anti e-Crime Act. Additionally, he will also be punished with 80 lashes for consuming narcotics.

ISIS has been active in Saudi Arabia. Earlier in October, an ISIS gunman killed five people in a Shia meeting hall. The militant organization claimed responsibility of the attack in an online statement.

“With the approval of God Almighty, the soldier of the caliphate Shuja al-Dawsari, may God accept him, set his Kalashnikov upon one of the apostate polytheists’ temples,” The Guardian quoted the ISIS statement.