Purple Lupins. Credit: Kerri (Colors of the Garden)

Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Research Organization (CSIRO), thinks lupins could become a new health food for humans.

According to scientists, flour derived from crushed lupins could help alleviate diseases like diabetes and obesity and farmers would be wanting for a substantial increase in the global demand of the new health food.

Lupins are packed with protein and low in fat.

Back in 1970's Italian scientists have discovered that they could help cut down cholesterol levels.

The CSIRO has now recently found more positive reasons as to why the human diet could benefit from the addition of lupins.

About 85 per cent of the world's lupins are grown in Australia, and most can be found at the Western Australia.

Senior researcher, Rhonda Foley from the CSIRO believes research has stumbled into new genes that could even be more effective for the human health.