“Scandal” fans are LOSING IT! The hit ABC series doesn’t return for the second half of its third season until Feb. 27, and the wait has been absolutely brutal. Fortunately, we’re chopping up the long hiatus by breaking down eight story lines that Gladiators can look forward to when the show comes back on screen.


1. Quinn’s Fate As A Gladiator – Last time viewers left off, Huck had spewed some pretty nasty words to Quinn and revoked her status as a “Gladiator.” Between their heated conversation and jaw-dropping tooth-pulling session, Huck’s actions pretty much sent Quinn right into the arms of Charlie and B6-13.

But does Huck have the authority to kick Quinn out of Pope & Associates? Not according to TV Guide! The site teases that Olivia will be livid when she discovers what Huck did.

“He doesn’t feel bad about what he did to Quinn,” Huck’s Guillermo Diaz dished. “He only feels bad that Olivia is upset at him for doing what he did. [But] he’s not apologizing for it and he’s standing his ground.”

2. Mellie-Olivia Moment – There are just not enough scenes between Mellie and Olivia! But that’s going to change in the midseason premiere. A leaked sneak peek video of episode 11, “Ride, Sally Ride,” shows the first lady setting up a very public meeting with Olivia.

“What are we doing here?” Olivia asks with a fake smile on her face. “We are sharing a meal; being gal pals; braiding each other’s hair; talking about boys,” Mellie responds. “I’m making a respectable woman out of you, Olivia.”

3. Harrison, Abby … & a Gun – Harrison’s history has been a mystery up until the beginning of season 3, but now “Scandal” fans know that a man named Adnan Salif is a threat to his life. Before working for Olivia Pope, Harrison was a luxury car salesman who started working for an insider trader, Salif. Eventually the pair got caught, but Harrison had to serve only six months out of his eight years thanks to Olivia.

Salif is back in the U.S., and thanks to another sneak peek video, we know that Harrison is so afraid that he’s willing to steal a gun from Abby. Unfortunately, Abby catches him, and now Harrison must explain why he snuck into her office to steal the gun.

4. The Election – With so much drama going on, it’s easy to forget that Fitz is in the middle of a re-election. The second half of the season will focus a lot on the campaign and Mellie’s desire to stay in the White House for another four years.

5. Andrew – “Scandal” will be welcoming a new character in the second half of season 3 – Andrew! Played by Jon Tenney of “The Closer,” Andrew is a love interest for first lady Mellie, and will reportedly “throw a wrench” into Fitz’ re-election strategy.

6. That Pesky Mother Problem – Remember when Olivia Pope & Associates helped her mother escape the country … and then discovered that she was a terrorist? The Gladiators will be dealing with the fallout of that when the show returns in February.

7. Sally & Cyrus’ Fate – Cyrus helped clean up Sally Langston’s crime scene after she murdered her husband, but the two aren’t in the clear. The midseason finale ended with David Rosen getting his hands on some audio recordings that could implicate the two in Daniel Douglas’ death. The coming episodes will find Sally and Cyrus the “target” of Rosen’s investigation.

8. The Battle for Sally – While Sally might be having problems with David Rosen, she’s still a hot ticket for campaign consultant Leo Bergen. By Sally calling up Cyrus to cover up the murder she somewhat sealed her fate on the campaign for Fitz’ re-election, but Leo is still fighting for her. E! Online teases that Leo and Cyrus will battle it out for the vice president.

“Leo is already ridiculously formidable for Cyrus,” teases Cyrus’ Jeff Perry. “It’s like this guy is no joke. He is a scary, smart mercenary. He is so scary, he is so damn smart, he pisses Cyrus off, I’ll tell you that.”

“Scandal” returns to ABC on Thursdays, starting Feb. 27, at 10 p.m. EST. What drama are you looking forward to seeing unfold? Let us know in the comments section or send a tweet to @AmandaTVScoop.