“Scandal” continued to bring the drama in episode 2, “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner.” The episode kicked off with a flashback to five years ago – a time when Olivia was dating Edison, was talking to her father … and surprisingly not hooked on wine.

“Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner” gave fans a peak at Olivia’s relationship with her father, Rowan. The pair used to have dinner every Sunday, but not because they were close. After Olivia’s mother died her father shipped her off to boarding school. Olivia held that against him, but agreed to meet with him for dinner on Sundays in exchange for him paying off her law school loans.

However that all changed when she told Rowan about Huck, a homeless man who would hang out at Union Station and saved her from muggers. Huck revealed to Olivia that he was part of a secret killing organization called B613 and although she didn’t believe him, she asks her father to look into his background.

Rowan told her that Huck was schizophrenic and had a heavy arrest record. But when Olivia visited a young David Rosen to ask about Huck’s prints, Rosen explained that his record was completely clean.

Confronting her father at their weekly Sunday dinner about lying to her, Rowan told her that she cannot handle the truth about his life. Demanding that she sit down and eat because she’s on his dime, Olivia decided that she’s fed up … but Olivia Pope is not a quitter.

Wanting to get Huck back from her father, Olivia showed up her father’s house the next Sunday … with her fiancé, Edison. Never speaking to Rowan about Edison, her father was shocked. But like Olivia, he’s not one to back down either. Although he released Huck for his daughter, it’s only because he found someone that he disliked more – Edison. Rowan staged an accident that resulted in her daughter’s fiancé being put in the hospital with a couple broken bones. Telling her to give the ring back, Olivia responded by telling him to never speak to her again.

Meanwhile in present day Olivia is representing Janine and warns Fitz that she’s going after the White House. “Go for the jugular,” he tells her.

Mellie and Cyrus hatch a plan to make Janine look guilty by leaking an hours log that supposedly places her along with the President while the First Lady was out of town. In order to counter their attack, Abbie convinces Janine’s pal Ethan to hand over an IM list that proves Janine was never alone with the President.

With a pretty solid plan set in place, Pope & Associate’s were unprepared for a curve ball – Mellie. Realizing that everything she set in motion could crumble if Janine gets the media to believe she is innocent, Mellie speaks to the former White House employee when Olivia steps out.

In usual Olivia Pope fashion, Janine is not the only thing she has on her plate – she’s got her father and Jake to worry about. Figuring out that Jake, like Huck, is in B613’s secret “hole,” Olivia begs her father to let him go. But the only way Rowan promises to release Jake is if Olivia lets Janine take the fall for the affair.

Although Olivia doesn’t want Jake to die, she’s not willing to throw Janine under the bus. Fortunately everything seems to work out for Olivia and she discovers that the White House got to Janine.

So, what did Mellie offer her? Two million, tax free, in a Cayman back account.

Olivia tries to convince Janine to do the right thing but the former White House employee says that she’s willing to lie about the affair in order to profit off of it/ Unfortunately Janine’s plan backfires when her interview gets put on hold – because the President is holding a press conference.

Wanting to keep Olivia happy, Fitz admits to the affair with Janine in a press conference in exchange for the release of Jake.

Stalking out of the office, Olivia is confronted by Huck, who thanks to Quinn discovers that his boss has been lying to him for years. Attacking Olivia, Huck has his hands around her neck as he demands to know if her father is the Command of B613 … and Olivia admits he is.

Shook up after the run in with Huck, Olivia returns to her home only to get a phone call from her father. He dropped a dirty, beat up and unstable Jake off at her door, telling his daughter that he’ll see her on Sunday for dinner.

Quotes of the evening: Cyrus to Fitz: “You need to grow presidential sized balls."