Last Thursday’s episode of “Scandal” ended with fans asking one question: What is Lazarus One? Fortunately, viewers didn’t have to wait long for the answer in episode 4. But that wasn’t the only thing going on in Olivia’s (Kerry Washington) world. Check out the top six moments from this week’s installment of the ABC drama:

1. What Is Lazarus One?

Episode 4 kicks off with Jake (Scott Foley) sitting down with Rowan (Joe Morton) at prison. He reveals that Lazarus One was Papa Pope’s invention. But what exactly is it? Lazarus One was a sort of back up plan for Command. A fire would be staged at the Louvre and expensive paintings would be “lost” in the blaze … but the real ones would be sold to gangsters, resulting in a big pay off.

Rowan claims that he didn’t enact Lazarus One, but Jake knows better than to trust him. He thinks that Olivia’s dad is trying to regain power and his freedom. The only problem is that Jake doesn’t know who Rowan is working with on the outside. The former B613 agent is ready to do whatever it takes to find out though – including enlisting the help of Charlie (George Newbern) to fly to France with him.

Scandal Season 5, episode 4 Jake (Scott Foley) goes to France to investigate Lazarus One in Season 5, episode 4 of "Scandal." Photo: ABC

2. Fired And Hired

While Jake is off in Europe trying to stop Papa Pope, Olivia’s struggling back in Washington D.C. The media won’t stop covering her affair, and clients are dropping like flies. Pope & Associates needs some help – so Quinn (Katie Lowes) decides to approach Marcus (Cornelius Smith Jr.) to offer him the coveted position of “Gladiator.” It was once one of the hottest jobs you could have. But now? Marcus isn’t interested. Besides all the Olivia drama, he’s well aware of the corners they cut and rules they break. He knows that Quinn is “shifty” and “shady” … and that’s not something he wants to be a part of. Burn.

Marcus is out, but maybe Quinn can turn to Abby? Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) fires her former co-worker from her position as the White House Press Secretary after throwing Olivia under the bus. But fortunately Abby still has Olivia protecting her. While Olivia is on the phone with her beau, she tells him to get Abby back because she did exactly what needed to be done. Plus he's at risk for an even bigger headache. Fitz does bring Abby back, but he’s still not happy with her.

The president isn’t the only one with a change of heart. Although Olivia tells Quinn that she doesn’t want to hire a new employee, Marcus decides to take Quinn up on the Gladiator offer. He claims that he needs the money, but the truth is that he’s there to help Olivia. She helped him when he needed it the most, and he’s not going to let the press rip into her – especially since the media is only focusing on Olivia’s race and sex.

3. Mrs. Jake Ballard

Back in France, Charlie introduces Jake to Elyse, one of his contacts who can get them information on the stolen paintings. In a surprise twist, Jake actually knows Elyse – but back when they went by different names and led different lives.

Elyse isn’t happy to see Jake, and blows Charlie off. But Jake goes after Elyse at her apartment and their history is revealed. The two were spies and were supposed to meet at Grand Central Station. According to protocol, Jake was allowed to wait 25 minutes for Elyse. But he was forced to leave after an hour when she didn’t show. She was upset because she felt abandoned … by her husband.

The two ultimately smooth things over (with a steamy kiss) and Elyse agrees to meet with some contacts about the stolen painting. Jake and Charlie are watching from a van and see the man she meets. He has one of the paintings, however they don’t recognize him. The footage from her apartment cuts out and all the two hear are gunshots. Jake and Charlie race inside to find the man dead and Elyse injured on the floor.

At the hospital it’s revealed that the bullet only grazed Elyse. She dodged death and decides to come clean to Jake – she never showed up to Grand Central Station because she knew that a marriage to a spy could never work. Jake doesn’t care about what happened back then. He asks her to come back to the states with him now.

4. Impeachment Or Bust

Will Fitz get impeached? The women of the Senate want him gone … but will Mellie (Bellamy Young) help them? Cyrus (Jeff Perry) wants her to give them the OK. However, seeing Fitz with their son Teddy makes Mellie change her mind. She doesn’t want to be vindictive and attack the father of her children. Instead, the First Lady makes a promise to Fitz not to hurt him if he doesn’t hurt her.

Unfortunately, the women of the Senate aren’t the only ones calling for impeachment. Some of the men also want him out of the office. Fitz tries to play nice with them and offer some deals “in exchange for mercy.” But they want more than support and fundraising money. They tell Fitz to kill the Brandon Bill, his legacy, or they pursue impeachment.

Fitz has a big decision to make. Meanwhile, Cyrus isn’t happy with Mellie’s choice. He yells at her about her dead son, leading Mellie to throw him out of her office. Cyrus takes things one-step further by quitting.

Scandal Cyrus (Jeff Perry, pictured) quits after Mellie (Bellamy Young, not pictured) refuses to impeach her husband in Season 5, episode 4 of "Scandal." Photo: ABC

As for Fitz’ decision? He asks Abby what Olivia would do. Abby says that the smart move is to agree to their terms and avoid impeachment. However, he’s not interested in doing the smart thing … he wants to do the right thing.

5. Dog-Whistle Politics

Although Marcus was ordered to be quiet, he decides to speak up to the press when questioned about Olivia. He calls them out for being racist and sexist – and it’s just what they need to combat the media.

Marcus sets Quinn and Huck (Guillermo Diaz) up with on-screen interviews to defend their boss and call out the press for their “dog-whistle politics.” Their plan works and they manage to quiet some of Olivia’s harsher critics. But that doesn’t stop others from commenting about her. Olivia reads message boards with people who either want to rape her or kill her.

6. Date Night

Feeling good about his decision to stand by the Brandon Bill, and wanting to cheer up Olivia, Fitz gets his limo and motorcade to drive to Olivia’s apartment. Although horrified at first, Olivia greets Fitz at the elevator with a big smile on her face.

“What the hell are you doing?” she asks.

“The right thing,” he tells her. “I’m taking my girlfriend on a date.”

Olivia and Fitz walk hand in hand by the press and are as happy as can be. Meanwhile, Mellie goes to her fellow female senators and tells them to impeach her husband.