With Independence Day on the horizon, many Americans are looking for remedies to cure that inevitable hangover they will face on July 5 when expected back in the office. But thanks to researchers Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Medlock, there is now a scientific cure for the aftermath of lapping up too much alcohol.

In a new video, The Scientific Hangover Cure, that has gone viral, Moffit and Medlock of ASAPScience debunk some of the myths after drinking too much.

You've heard all the myths and tried all the pills - but what legitimate ways can you prevent and cure your hangover? the duo ask in the video. But aside from abstention, Moffit and Medlock provide some tips for prevention and possible cures for the common hangover in order to become a normal, function human again.

1. Before drinking, eat fatty foods and carbohydrates

2. Consume lots of water before, during and after consuming alcohol

3. Choose light colored liquors

4. Drink beer before liquor

5. Opt for aspirin rather than Tylenol before bedtime

6. Have a breakfast of eggs, bananas and fruit juice the next day

While somewhat obvious, Moffit and Medlock go into the details as to why these tips are effective to remedy a hangover. For example, fatty foods and carbs both ease potential nausea while slowing the absorption of alcohol. Water keeps a person hydrated and prevents the inevitable hangover headache. Aspirin inhibits the release of prostaglandin, a fatty acid that has been shown to intensify hangovers. And finally, the specific breakfast of eggs, bananas and fruit juice breakdown alcohol into acetate and provide nutrients that give energy while helping the body excrete toxins.

The pair also said, of course, that a person should either know their limit or abstain from drinking for the best after results.

So there you have it.

View the video below for a full explanation.