The Orda crystal cave was discovered by Russian divers near the Orda village in the Urals region.  The cave is considered the largest underwater gypsum cave measuring five kilometers, 3 miles, long.  Led by Victor Lyagushkin, a team of diving journalists braved the 3C-20C water temperature to capture extraordinary  photos for  a 160 page book documenting their journey. 

Through the book , photos, and video, the divers hope to bring more awareness to the natural wonders on our planet.  No human has ever explored the underwater cave throughout its millions of years existence. 

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Divers took extra precaution to ensure their safety as well as limiting  disturbance to the extremely sensitive crystal cave environment.  In cooperating with scientists, divers were able to retrieve mineral samples for future research. 

See videos here: Experience their journey by watching the video below.  It documents their spectacular dive into the world's longest waterway.


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