Scott Eastwood, Chris Evans Scott Eastwood (left inset) and Chris Evans hit up hotel hotspot QT Sydney while in town for the 10th Annual GQ Australia’s Man of the Year Awards. Photo: QT Sydney/REUTERS

Hollywood’s elite brought ultimate style to Australia for the annual GQ Man of the Year Awards honoring Iggy Azalea and Chris Hemsworth.

Scott Eastwood Scott Eastwood (pictured) walked the red carpet alongside Rose Byrne, Julian McMahon, Iggy Azalea and Jon Hamm at the 10th annual GQ Australia’s Man of the Year Awards. Photo: Getty Images

Before the awards festivities, Hollywood notables descended on the QT Sydney property. Model and actor Scott Eastwood took a moment to unwind and try the hotel spa's Mr. Bond Shave.

The Mr. Bond Shave The Mr. Bond Shave, offered at SpaQ, is a luxury barber service that includes a steaming scented hot towel, shaving cream with healing anti-inflammatory qualities, a two-step straight edge razor, shoulder or hand and arm massage, eye mask and moisturizer. Photo: QT Sydney

Actors Chris Evans and Jai Courtney also dined at Gowings Bar & Grill where they indulged in the Minute Steak Ribeye, Beer Steamed Prawn Cocktail and Colombian Carpaccio.

Gowings Bar & Grill Gowings Bar & Grill is fine dining concept created by acclaimed restaurateur Robert Marchetti, Creative Food Director of QT Sydney. Photo: QT Sydney.

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