Better pack your finest holiday ensemble because you’re about to spend Thanksgiving with the one of the wealthiest American families this holiday: the Radwells. In episode 10 of “Scream Queens,” Chad (Glen Powell) will take Chanel (Emma Roberts) -- and viewers -- on a trip to meet his family over a turkey-filled meal.

That’s right, fans will finally get to meet the people who shaped our beloved and dairy intolerant Dickie Dollar Scholar -- including Chad’s equally hot brothers Brad (Chad Michael Murray) and Thad (Patrick Schwarzenegger). But according to a promo video for the upcoming installment, titled “Thanksgiving,” Mr. and Mrs. Radwell (Alan Thicke and Julia Duffy) won’t take to kindly to the Kappa Kappa Tau co-president when she shows up to their house.

“You’re trash, Chanel,” Chad’s dad cruelly says to his son’s girlfriend.

But winning over Chad’s parents will be the least of Chanel’s worries when an “uninvited guest throws the holiday into chaos.” OK, so who could this mysterious party crasher be? Well, we have our theories …

The Red Devil

Could the killer have made his way to the Radwell family’s house? In episode 9 it was revealed that the masked killers have no problem traveling outside campus to slaughter their prey.


In the previous episode, Chanel threw Hester (Lea Michele) down a flight of stairs after her neck brace-sporting sister faked her pregnancy to steal Chad. Could Hester actually be alive and seeking retribution along with Chad’s love?

The Ghost of Mr. Radwell’s Suicidal Girlfriend

Chad shared a story with Chanel in episode 9 about how his father neglected to give the girl he was seeing a silver turkey wishbone necklace (which is essentially the Radwell version of an engagement ring). Mr. Radwell’s girlfriend then bombarded the family’s Thanksgiving feast and hung herself in their yard. According to Chad, she now haunts the home turning liquids into blood.

Meanwhile, Dean Munsch (Jamie Lee Curtis) gathers the survivors at Kappa House, but their “dinner quickly explodes into accusations of who among them is really the killer.” Talk about family game night gone wrong!

Viewers can also expect another victim to meet their fate as it was revealed that the Red Devil will carve up one unfortunate soul into a Thanksgiving main course.

“Scream Queens” airs Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. EST on Fox.