The girls of Kappa Kappa Tau won’t let a little murder ruin their Black Friday! On the upcoming episode of “Scream Queens,” Chanel (Emma Roberts) and her minions will flee the evacuated campus of Wallace to shop ‘till they drop -- drop dead that is.

“After the horror-filled events of Thanksgiving, the Chanels decide to celebrate their favorite holiday: Black Friday,” the summary for episode 11 reveals. “But the Red Devil has plans to stop their shopping spree.”

Instead of searching for the best deals of the day, the Chanels will spend their time at the mall hunting for an escape route.

“Oh my God! We’re locked in!” Chanel shouts in a promo video for the upcoming installment after learning the door to the shopping center has been chained closed. This leaves Chanel and her minions trapped inside the mall with the dangerous serial killer. But no one gets in the way of a Kappa co-president and her designer labels! In episode 11, Chanel will finally go head-to-head with the masked killer who’s weapon of choice will be a crossbow.

“Go on and shoot me!” Chanel, who seems clearly irritated that she missed some killer deals at Barneys, presses.

While the Chanel’s battle the mysterious murder at the mall, Zayday (Keke Palmer) and Grace (Skyler Samuels) will conjure up a plan to take down Dean Munsch (Jamie Lee Curtis) once and for all after they came to the conclusion in episode 10 that she’s the killer.

“Killing Dean Munsch is the best thing to do,” Zayday says to Grace. But Chanel’s co-president won’t be the only one cooking a murderous plot. Chad (Glen Powell) also has the desire to see someone six feet under: Pete (Diego Boneta). “You and I will fight ... to the death,” the Dickie Dollar Scholar says to Pete, who looks rather perplexed by Chad’s request for a deadly duel.

The synopsis adds that when the Season 1 installment concludes, fans will watch as one of their favorite characters confesses to being the murder.

Who do you think is the killer? Sound off in the comments section below with your predictions and don’t forget to tune in to episode 11 of “Scream Queens” on Tuesday, Dec. 1, at 9 p.m. EST on Fox.