It’s official! Kappa Kappa Tau has a new president -- and her name is Zayday Williams (Keke Palmer). Zayday was named KKT’s co-president in episode 6 of “Scream Queens” after candle vlogger (Breezy Eslin) tallied up the sorority’s votes, which were placed in episode 5 of the Fox drama.

When Chanel (Emma Roberts) learns she’ll be co-leading with a pledge, she freaks out -- mostly on Chanel No. 5 (Abigail Breslin) for allowing such a travesty. But when Chanel No. 3 (Billie Lourd) and No. 5 attempt to console their fearsome ruler on the stomach-turning predicament, Chanel goes into a fit of giggles.

“I voted for Zayday,” Chanel reveals. “I wanted her to win.”

The manipulative sorority girl reveals the method behind her madness, explaining that “you never, ever want to be the boss in times of extreme crisis.” So, she attempted to get Zayday the presidency to prevent her from becoming the Red Devil’s next target.

While Chanel explains her devious and selfish plan to her minions, Zayday brainstorms her first act as president -- with the help of Grace (Skyler Samuels). The two decide that Zayday’s first move should be coming up with a way to prevent any more members of Kappa from getting slaughtered -- so they conjure up the idea to have a slumber party. (Clearly these two have never seen a scary movie before.)

“Someone experiments in lesbianism and secrets are revealed,” Zayday dishes about why she wants to have a sleepover -- and to find out what really happened the night a Kappa died in a bathtub.

As the Kappas slip into their pajamas for a night of slumber party fun, the Dickie Dollar Scholars have an intervention with Chad (Glen Powell) regarding his strange sexual appetite.

“It’s super weird that you sleep with so many old people,” Caulfield (Evan Paley) says to his brother when Chad admits to sleeping with Dean Munsch (Jamie Lee Curtis) and Denise (Niecy Nash). After his brothers state their concerns, Chad promises that he’ll put his wild sexual antics behind him and focus on his relationship with Chanel. And Chad’s first mission to building up his relationship with his super hot and rich girlfriend? Well, by panty-raiding her sleepover, of course!

The girls' sleepover begins on an interesting note with a game of "Spin the Bottle," which results in some major lip-locking between Chanel No. 3 and Predatory Lez (Jeanna Han). However, their slumber party takes a deadly turn when the girls discover that they’re locked inside the house. Chanel immediately calls Chad for help -- and luckily for the KKT co-president, he’s already on his way.

When Chad finally breaks open Chanel’s window, he spots the Red Killer, who is sporting an ax. He warns his brothers to climb -- and quickly -- but unfortunately, poor, armless Caulfield is unable to reach the top in time, becoming the next victim of the Red Devil.

But there’s no time to grieve: KKT and the DDS have a game of "Truth or Dare" to play! Grace reveals why she picked this particular party game: to find out what her sisters know about the death of the KKT member. But instead of getting closer to the truth, Grace uncovers (thanks to Predatory Lez) that Chanel No. 3’s dad is Charles Manson. The betrayal is almost too much for Chanel No. 3 to take, so she wickedly dares her lover to take a nap in the bathtub where a former sister had given birth and died.

And of course, Chanel No. 3’s dare ends up being a death sentence for poor Predatory Lez. But before Sam (Han) kicked the bucket, she asked the masked murderer to reveal itself.

“I knew it was you,” Predatory Lez says after the Red Devil unveils its face.

But that wasn’t the last death of episode 6, titled “Seven Minutes in Hell.” While playing the party game "Seven Minutes in Heaven," Chanel No. 5’s boyfriend Roger (Aaron Rhones) is killed after the Red Devil nail gunned the twin’s face to look like Pinhead.

Chanel immediately announces she thinks Chanel No. 5 and Hester (Lea Michele), who found Predatory Lez’s dead body, are in cahoots. But her theory is discredited when Chad finds a secret passage door in the game room closet.

Zayday, being the fearless -- and reckless -- leader she is, volunteers to explore the underground tunnels. And Chanel surprisingly offers to accompany her. After all, KKT is her responsibility. While walking through he creepy tunnels, Chanel shows Zayday the portraits of the sorority’s former leaders. While daydreaming of their own photos hanging on the wall, the killer comes waltzing out with two axes.

The Red Devil nearly cuts off Zayday’s head, but the KKT co-president is saved when Chanel hits the murderer with a bucket.

Zayday is shocked that her nemesis came back for her. But Chanel reveals that she had selfish reasons for saving her sister. “If I’m going to survive this thing, I’m going to need the numbers,” Chanel smartly says.

The Season 1 installment ends with the Kappas (what’s left of them) gathering around for a meeting where Chanel showers them with a gift: pink nunchucks. “Kappas don’t take any crap from anyone,” the KKT co-president says before vowing that no more Kappas will be killed.

After Chanel’s kind gesture, the unified sorority finishes celebrating their slumber party with a dance. But little does Chanel know that some of her loyal sisters are pining for her death.

Other Shocking Moments From Episode 6:

The Story Behind Chanel No. 3's Earmuffs: During episode 6, fans learn why Channel No. 3 constantly wears earmuffs. According to Chanel’s right-hand woman, she was involved in a strange relationship where the guy she was with became so obsessed with her ears that he threatened to chop them off. So, she wears the accessory to protect them.

"Scream Queens" airs Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. EDT on Fox.