Time to put away your pumpkins and return your sexy nurse costume because Halloween has officially been canceled on the campus of Wallace University. Dean Munsch (Jamie Lee Curtis) announced that she was putting an ax through the spooky holiday during episode 5 of “Scream Queens” after Zayday (Keke Palmer) went missing in episode 4 of Fox dramedy.

But the cancellation of Halloween didn’t sit well with the sisters of Kappa Kappa Tau or the Dicky Dollar Scholars.

“Halloween is the greatest night of the year,” Chad (Glen Powell) says as he tries to revoke the cancellation. “Are we going to deny ourselves the sluttiest night of the whole year out of fear?”

Chanel (Emma Roberts) seconds that statement but has her own reasons for wanting Munsch to reinstate the holiday -- and it’s because if Halloween is canceled then that means so is her haunted pumpkin patch, which she’s holding to raise money for her beloved charity (and guarantee her reelection as KKT president).

“What about black hairy tongue disease? Does no one care about black hairy tongue?” Chanel cries after Halloween if officially canceled. But little does the charitable president know she’ll have bigger things to worry about when she’s arrested for the murder of Agatha Bean (Jan Hoag).

Although fans don’t know who tipped off the police, Hester (Lea Michelle) tells her adoring leader that it was Chanel No. 5 (Abigal Breslin) who threw her under the bus. Yes, that’s right: Chanel No. 6 is playing the role of a “double agent” and a dirty one at that. One minute she’s praising Chanel and the next she’s concocting a plan to sabotage the KKT president so she can become the next woman in charge.

Infuriated, Chanel confronts her minion about her disloyalty, giving her an ultimatum: Chanel No. 5 can either suffer a stab wound to the head or light all of the jack-o-lanterns in Chanel’s haunted pumpkin patch. (Chanel No. 5 chooses the later.)

Chanel No. 5 and her spit-roasting boy toys go down to the spooky patch, which is when they come face-to-mask with the Red Devil himself. The four then find themselves in a wild maze hunt until the killer gets his hands on one of Chanel No. 5’s hookups.

While Chanel No. 5 suffers from PTSD due to her gruesome encounter with the masked murderer, Zayday was experiencing her own troubles while being held hostage by the Red Devil in the pit of his lair. But luckily, Zayday was able to escape the clutches of the killer when he threw down a ladder to the KKT newbie with the hopes of “taking her out” on a date. The two enjoyed Oakland nachos until Zayday stabbed the killer in the hand with her fork before making her way back to the sorority house -- and just in time for the election.

Chanel questions the legitimacy of Zayday’s story (hoping to deter her KKT sisters from voting for her) -- but just then Grace (Skyler Samuels) shows up to the sorority house to corroborate her friend’s story. Grace reveals that she, Pete (Diego Boneta), her father (Oliver Hudson), Gigi (Nasim Pedrar) and Denise (Niecy Nash) tracked Zayday’s iPhone, which led them to the Red Devil's lair. While searching for Zayday, they came across the Red Devil. But before they were able to identify who was under the red suit, he disappeared into the night.

The next thing viewers see is Wes’ girlfriend meeting up with the Red Devil in the middle of the night to discuss their next move.

"Scream Queens" airs Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. EDT on Fox.