Well, looks like we’ll never be asking Chanel (Emma Roberts) to speak at our funeral. “Scream Queens” kicks off episode 7, titled “Beware of Young Girls,” with the co-president of Kappa Kappa Tau giving a brow-raising eulogy at Chanel No. 2’s (Ariana Grande) wake.

“This is what happens to sneaky back-stabbers,” she begins her strange speech before announcing to all the mourners that Chanel No. 2 betrayed her trust and slept with her boyfriend. “This is what happens when you rub uglies with my man. You end up dead.”

After the wake, the Chanels go to comfort their leader. But Chanel is inconsolable -- that is, until Chanel No. 5 (Abigail Breslin) suggests breaking out her spirit board with the idea of contacting No. 2 from the dead so that the ghost of their dead sister can apologize for sleeping with Chad (Glen Powell).

“Didn’t you see the movie 'Ouija'?” Chanel No. 6 (Lea Michele) asks Chanel, who questions No. 5's plan.

“No, no one did!” Chanel barks back, giving fans just one of her many amazing lines of the night.

After contacting No. 2, the spirit of their deceased friend reveals that Chad is cheating on Chanel. This causes Chanel to immediately end their spirit session with No. 2 and march straight over to her boyfriend’s house. But when she arrives, she doesn’t see Chad fooling around with a girl but instead snuggling up to a goat in his bed.

But Chad has an explanation for his farmyard buddy: He’s lactose intolerant. Chad elaborates, revealing that he snuggles up to the goat to get goat milk -- milk that won’t upset his stomach and also help keep his figure looking svelte. Chanel apologizes for jumping to conclusions and goes back to the Ouija board to give No. 2 a piece of her mind.

When the girls finally contact Chanel No. 2, they ask the spirit who is the one been behind all the gruesome murders at Wallace University. The spirit unveils that the killer is Chanel, sending her minions into a panic. Chanel No. 6 immediately begins constructing a plan on how to kill Chanel along with No. 3 (Billie Lourd) and No. 5. But they can’t exactly agree on the best way to off their fearsome leader.

While the girls contemplate ways to murder Chanel, Gigi (Nasim Pedrad) and Grace (Skyler Samuels) bond over a shopping trip -- one that turns into a fruitful experience for Grace. Gigi, who is somehow involved in the murders, tells Grace to look into Feather McCarthy (Tavi Gevison), a KKT sister who stirred up a lot of drama two years ago. When Grace and Pete (Diego Boneta) finally track Feather down, she tells them that she made the mistake of crossing Dean Munsch (Jamie Lee Curtis) -- “and it got dark.”

The bubbly sister admits that she had an affair with her Beatles 101 professor who also just happened to be Munsch’s husband at the time. And of course, the betrayal was almost too much for Munsch to cope with. She began dressing up like Feather, stalking her and, according to Feather, even tried to electrocute her once while she was in the bathtub. That’s why Feather is convinced Munsch must be behind the murders that have been occurring on campus.

“She’s friggin' nuts!” Feather tells the two, adding that she would go on record to say that the dean was involved.

After Feather’s meeting with Grace and Pete, she goes home only to find blood splattered all throughout her house and Steven’s (Philip Casnoff) decapitated head floating in the fish tank. Police arrest Munsch for the murder of her ex, stating that she had motive for wanting him dead. But when officers are unable to match Munsch’s DNA to the gloves or the half-eaten bologna sandwich that they found at the murder scene, they pin the murder on poor, bologna-loving Feather.

“Feather didn’t kill my hubby,” Dean Munsch says in the Season 1 installment. “I did! With a serial killer on the loose it was perfect timing. Here’s to young girls getting what they had coming to them.”

After Munsch was released from the mental hospital, she promises Grace that she will give her Intel on the baby that was born in the bathtub 20 years ago.

Episode 7 ends with Chanel No. 2 appearing to Chanel in a dream. The ghost of her minion reveals that she’s there to make amends with Chanel so that she can possibly go to heaven and stop being forced to pick the food out of beards with her teeth while in hell. No. 2 also reveals to Chanel that her minions are planning on killing her. Chanel freaks out -- and rightfully so. But No. 2 tells her former leader to be the bigger person.

Chanel takes her advice and reaches out to her minions about their disheveled murder plan, explaining that’s why the need her around. Chanel then treats her almost-murderers with a Nancy Drew-inspired gift -- one that she wants them to use to help catch the killers, which she believes are Grace and Zayday (Keke Palmer) are behind.

“The four of us are going to expose those s---- for the killers they are,” she says.

"Scream Queens" airs Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. EST on Fox.