Well, we didn’t see that coming. In episode 11 of “Scream Queens,” audiences of the hit Fox series were introduced to a new killer: Pete (Diego Boneta). The handsome journalist unveiled his murderous ways at the very end of the Season 1 installment, titled “Black Friday,” when he explained to Grace (Skyler Samuels) that the reason he didn’t want to have sex with her was because he didn’t want her first time to be with a murderer.

Shocking, we know -- especially because, like Chanel (Emma Roberts) and the rest of the sorority girls from Kappa Kappa Tau, we too thought Dean Munsch (Jamie Lee Curtis) was the woman behind the red devil mask. The sorority-hating character became even more suspicious to viewers after Chanel was attacked in the mall while trying to snag the best Black Friday shopping deals.

See, before Chanel and her minions left Kappa house to join the millions of their fellow Americans in a discount shopping frenzy, Munsch urged the girls not to go. In fact, she even tried to put Chanel in “timeout,” hoping to stop her from walking out the door. But Chanel scoffs at Munsch’s attempt to act like her guardian and waltzes off into the night. However, her disobedience ends with an arrow to the shoulder -- an incident that Chanel blames Munsch for. After all, Munsch was the only one who knew she and the Chanels were going shopping, right?

After surviving the violent encounter, Chanel calls a meeting with her sorority and reveals that she believes Munsch is the killer.

“The only way we’re going to stop the murders is by killing Dean Munsch,” Chanel says, only to have Grace surprisingly back her up.

“No one is going to help us. It’s up to us and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to stop her. Dean Munsch has to die,” Grace adds before the two agree that the only way to kill the dean is with poison. The sorority then stalks Munsch’s Facebook page to get insight on the best way to poison her -- and luckily for the girls, the dean has a soft spot for cider. So after dumping a bottle of puffer fish venom into the apple drink, Chanel and Grace bring it over to Munsch. But after slurping the Mason jar clean, the dean lets out not a cry or a yelp but a satisfying burp.

Grace whines to Pete about her failed attempt to kill the dean, which is when her beau begs her to stay away from killing. He goes on to say how she’s the only gem on the corrupt campus of  Wallace University and it would “break his heart” to learn that she resorted to murder. This eventually leads Grace to opting out of Chanel’s new plot of killing the indestructible dean. But backing out of the plan only gets “talking pumpkin” kicked out of the sorority -- and this time, Zayday (Keke Palmer) doesn’t have Grace’s back. Instead of leaving KKT hand in hand with her bestie, Zayday stays to take down Munsch once and for all with the Chanels.

But Munsch just can’t be killed, even after the girls attempt to freeze her to death. Instead of meeting her frosty fate, the icicle-ridden dean pops out of the cold chamber feeling better than ever. (This is the moment where we stopped thinking Munsch was the killer and started theorizing she’s some supernatural creature.)

Chanel and her minions conjure up one last plan to kill Munsch -- by drowning her. But their devilish scheme goes awry when Chanel’s minions leave her standing in a pool hall alone with a bag of chains. Chanel, clearly irritated about the failed mission to kill Munsch, decides to seek vengeance on her sisters for their incompetence.

While the Chanels failed to kill Munsch attempt after attempt, Chad (Glen Powell) was dealing with his own unsuccessful mission of taking down Pete, Boone’s (Nick Jonas) possible gay lover. During episode 11, Chad invited Pete to a Dickie Dollar Scholar meeting, which is where he read Boone’s will out loud. Apparently, Boone had left everything to Pete -- even his shoebox full of lube.

“This is insane!” Pete responds to the strange gifts left behind for him by Boone. “I barely knew the guy.”

Pete reveals that Boone was his inside source to the world of Kappa. But Chad isn’t convinced that’s the only relationship his dead brother had with his ex-girlfriend’s stalker. So, Chad invites Pete to become a Dickie Dollar Scholar, but Pete declines. So, Chad grabs hold of his golf club and challenges Pete to a duel because apparently the only way one can decline joining the prestigious frat is by fighting to the death.

“Scream Queens” will air its two-hour Season 1 finale on Tuesday, Dec. 8, at 8 p.m. EST on Fox.