Well, we definitely didn’t see that coming. The Red Devil killer was finally revealed to audiences during the two-hour Season 1 finale of “Scream Queens.” But before the monster of Wallace University was unmasked, the hit Fox series took fans on a blood-soaked rollercoaster ride -- one that had us suspecting nearly ever Kappa Kappa Tau sister until the real criminal was exposed.

When the anticipated finale episode kicked off, Pete (Diego Boneta) admitted to Grace (Skyler Samuels) that he was working in cahoots with the murderers, which consisted of Boone (Nick Jonas) and one of Grace’s sorority sisters. But before Pete could utter the name of who the other bathtub baby was, the Red Devil killer lunged out of the abyss, stabbing Pete until he was dead.

Meanwhile, back at the Kappa house, Chanel (Emma Roberts) was contemplating suicide (by a venomous snake bite inspired by “Cleopatra”) after a vicious email she wrote to her sisters went viral. Chanel was angry that the her minions left her looking like a “div” the night they were supposed to murder Dean Munsch (Jamie Lee Curtis). So, to express her frustration, she constructed a very Channel-like letter to her sisters, which was leaked to the public -- and let’s just say the email didn’t exactly sit well with her peers, hense Chanel’s suicide contemplation.

Zayday (Keke Palmer) managed to bring Chanel to her sense and promised to stick by her sisters side through this whole ordeal. Zayday even considered that maybe the two of them could work together to take down the killer. That’s when the Red Devil appeared. But instead of a Kappa sister hiding underneath the mask, it was a man -- a man who claimed to be an innocent, delivery boy.

After getting detained, he told the sorority girls that a woman blackmailed him into killing all the members of KKT and if he didn’t, well… then he would be blown up. A few minutes and no dead Kappas later, the poor, delivery boy was blown to smithereens. But it was during this premeditated attack that something peculiar happened. Prior to the explosion of the fake-Red Devil, Hester (Lea Michelle) revealed to the group that a badly burned girl walked up to her on campus with a shovel, muttering something about being a “dork."

Chanel quickly dismissed Hester before concocting a plan to win back the public by giving a faux-apology. You know, just like the celebrities do. So who was the lucky receiver of this rare-Chanel apology? Melanie Dorkus (Brianne Howey). But instead of saying sorry, Chanel pulled out a pair of scissors and began her attempt of stabbing Dorkus. Before Chanel was able to kill the badly burner former KKT president (who still blames Chanel for her disfigurement), Grace and Zayday arrive to reveal Melanie wasn’t the killer.

“It’s Hester. Hester is the Red Devil,” Grace said with conviction. Grace had her father seduce Dean Munsch so that she and Zayday could snoop around her home to potentially get scoop on the Kappas. During their investigation, they uncovered Hester’s blatantly made-up transcript, which stated Hester lived on “666 Sesame Street.” (The dean let her in to diversify the school.)

When the girls returned to the Kappa house they heard a scream. It was Hester, laying dead in Chanel’s room with the heel of Chanel's shoe lodged in her eye. “This doesn’t make any sense. Hester is the killer!” Grace said. Just then Hester gasped and pointed at Chanel No. 5 (Abigail Breslin), who was missing from the Dorkus apology due to an alleged Tinder date, and stated Chanel No. 5 was the killer.

The second part of the finale flash forwarded to the year 2016: Zayday was chapter president, Grace was her ride or die sidekick and Hester was the treasurer … as well as the murderer! In a narration, Hester revealed that the “advantage to stabbing yourself in the eye” was that she was able to learn just where to do it so that her sight could be salvaged.

“[This] plan was 20 years in the making -- and it worked!” the killer said, before revealing just how the murderous plot began. She and Boone were the babies born in the bathtub and cared for by Gigi (Nasim Pedrad) in the mental institution where they were raised on vengeance. When it was finally time for Hester to apply to Wallace University, she looked for a way to fly under the radar (unlike Boone who took on a gay persona). That is what led to Hester stealing the neck brace of a fellow patient.

“The more weird and gross you are the less people want to know about you,” Hester believed -- that is until she stepped foot into Kappa house and was greeted by the ever-so-cheerful duo Grace and Zayday.

“I always said being nice is a really great quality,” she said to the two. “It could save your life one day.” And it did. Hester noted how excited she was to finally have “true sisters,” and, of course, have the Chanels locked up.

All three of the Chanels were cuffed for the recent string of deaths after Hester meticulously pinned the murders on them. (She even somehow got Chanel No. 5’s parents to corroborate her ridiculous story by having them disown their daughter!)

“You rich, dumb h--- are going down town!” Denise Hemphill (Niecy Nash) gave audiences one of the best lines of the night before sicking former strippers still sporting their official uniforms on the girls.

After a lengthy trial (and Chanel calling the jury a bunch of hippos), Chanel and her minions were found guilty of murder.

“This is a travesty,” Chanel said after the jury revealed their decision. “I am choosing to ignore this verdict.”

The judge then laid the cold, hard truth on Chanel, telling them that the three of them weren’t going to jail but to a mental institution due to their inane behavior. (Seriously, who opts out of a lawyer during a murder case only to fall asleep during when it's their time to plea their innocence?) However, little did the jury know just how well the Chanels would thrive in the institution.

“Asylum life suited us just fine,” Chanel said, noting that there’s no social media pressure there or “boys to stay skinny for.” Chanel was even unanimously voted house president by her insane peers, which she accepted with glee. But, this being “Scream Queens,” not all was peaceful for long. Season 1 of the Fox dramedy ended with Chanel being woken up from her slumber by the startling sound of a knife Chanel then looked up only to see the Red Devil killer standing over her with a weapon. (Does that mean we can start mentally preparing ourselves for a Season 2 of our favorite new series?)

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