The character’s of MTV’s terrifying new summer series “Scream” might not want to come face-to-face with the mysterious masked killer during Season 1 of the chilling drama, but viewers sure do! Since “Scream” aired its nail-biting series premiere on Tuesday, fans (including ourselves) have already been trying to figure out who the disguised murderer is. But according to Jaime Paglia, executive producer of the frightening series, audiences shouldn’t anticipate to learn who the knife-slashing antagonist is any time soon.

“I can promise that there will be a major revelation about the killer’s identity by the end of season one,” Paglia told E! Online. But until then, fans will be left to speculate about every single one of the characters because all of them will be become suspicious at one point during the drama.

“Literally everyone is a suspect on our show,” Carlson Young, who portrays Brooke, a mean girl on the series, told E! Online. “And it changes from week-to-week.”

John Karma, who plays the role of Noah on “Scream,” bolstered Young's statement, adding because that none of the characters on the show have a “completely clean past,” they could each very well be considered the killer.

“No one has it completely straight,” he said. “You'll see that as the show goes on, everyone has secrets, everyone is lying. So don't expect to have it all figured out at the start."

Noted, John. But there is someone who has already pieced together the story's bloody puzzle: executive producer Jill Blotevogel.

"When I first wrote [the pilot episode], I had ideas on who I wanted the killer to be," Blotevogel admitted. "But I wrote it leaving a lot of wiggle room. And as we got deeper into breaking the whole series, we got things cleared with the powers that be. So yes, I definitely knew who I wanted from the start and it's going to be good. And it's going to take a while before you find out."

So, just how long do fans have to wait until they learn who’s responsible for causing chaos in the town of Lakewood? Although Paglia promised “satisfying” answers would be unveiled in the finale of the freshman installment, it looks as though the man/woman behind the mask could remain a mystery for seasons to come. According to reports, if the show is renewed for a second installment, “Scream” will pick up just where it left off, which may just be with the killer’s identity unknown.

"We certainly talked about the possibilities of an anthology series," Paglia told E! Online, revealing that they originally thought of going down the “American Horror Story” route (a new story every season). "Ultimately, we decided that we have this amazing cast and an interesting, deep mythology for this town and what happened in the past and how it connects to these characters. We want people to become invested in them. So we will have major revelations by the end of the season; we're not going to string the audience along. But the plan is, if we are fortunate enough to have a second season, we will be following whoever is left alive by the end of season one into season two."

But who will be left to continue the “Scream” storyline? According to Paglia, the body count will continue to grow as Season 1 progresses. “The audience will engage with the characters so that when they are horribly murdered, it hurts,” she told Variety, warning viewers that their emotions will be toyed with throughout the installment.

“Scream” will continue to spook viewers on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. EDT on MTV.