Are you ready to “Scream”? MTV’s TV series reboot of the 1996 slasher film premiered Tuesday night. The show introduces your average teens living in the small town of Lakewood. But when one of them ends up dead, a dark mystery surrounding the town begins to unravel.

Viewers are first introduced to Nina Patterson (Bella Thorne), the popular mean girl from George Washington High School. Nina and her ex-boyfriend, Tyler O’Neill (Anthony Rogers), film their fellow classmate Audrey Jensen (Bex Taylor-Klaus) making out with a girl in a car. Thanks to their mean spirit and the power of technology, the video gets uploaded onto a video sharing site and viewed by every teen in town.

Nina’s proud of her handy work – but not for long. While hanging out in her hot tub, Nina begins to get harassing text messages from Tyler. Nina thinks her ex is just playing around because she refused to invite him back to her house … but that all changes when Tyler’s decapitated head ends up next to her.

Before Nina knows it, a masked killer slashes her back. Although she tries to run away, the mysterious person cuts her throat and throws her into the pool.

It’s a regular school day the following day – until Nina’s parents find her body. That’s when “Scream” viewers get to learn about Lakewood’s history with serial killers.

Twenty years ago a man named Brandon James killed a bunch of students and “cut some others up.” Brandon had proteus syndrome, a condition that resulted in overgrown bones, skin and tissues. Because he was deformed, his mother homeschooled him and his father was ashamed. But Brandon had one light in his life – his older brother, Troy.

Brandon went through numerous surgeries to try and fix his face, but nothing ever worked. He generally kept to himself and resorted to wearing a surgical mask to cover his deformities. However, one day he became obsessed with a local Lakewood teen – Daisy. Brandon wrote Daisy anonymous love letters and made her little carvings. During the Halloween dance he decided to approach her. The two hit it off – until he took off his mask. A frightened Daisy screamed, leading to a bunch of drunk jocks fighting Brandon. The fight triggered something in Brandon, leading him to murder the teens involved.

A manhunt was set up to catch Brandon, and Daisy was a pawn in a plan created by the police. She met Brandon by the lake, where she begged him to turn himself in.

“I just wanted to be with you,” he told her.

Brandon handed Daisy a wooden heart necklace he carved for her. But before anything else could happen, the police shot Brandon in the back. Covered in blood, Daisy was distraught. The police had promised her that that they wouldn’t hurt him.

So, how does a killer from 20 years ago connect to the murder of Nina? Daisy just so happens to be the mother of one of Nina’s friends and classmates, Emma Duval (Wila Fitzgerald).

In typical slasher movie fashion, Nina’s friends are (for the most part) distraught over her death. So, what better way to memorialize the dead teen by throwing a rager.

Brooke Maddox (Carlson Young) – who just so happens to be hooking up with her hot English teacher – throws a huge party at her house to act as an “Irish wake” for Nina. Emma’s on her way over, but before she can leave the house she finds a package addressed to “Daisy” on her front porch.

What Emma doesn’t know is that “Daisy” is actually her mom, Maggie (Tracy Middendorf), the town coroner. Maggie brushes it off, pretending that someone must have delivered it to the wrong house. But when Emma leaves, Maggie opens it up.

“Emma looks just like you at that age,” reads the note attached.

And what’s inside the box is just as chilling. When Maggie unwraps it she finds a bloody heart. Maggie immediately calls Sheriff Clark Hudson (Jason Wiles) – her co-worker and love interest. The two are able to confirm that the heart isn’t human, but Maggie’s forced to come clean about “Daisy” and her connection to Brandon James.

Meanwhile at the party, things unravel for Emma and her boyfriend, Will Belmont (Connor Weil). Brooke accidentally lets it slip that Will hooked up with Nina prior to her death. Needless to say, this doesn’t sit well with Emma. However, Will argues that it was while they took a break … for less than a month.

Angry over Will’s hookup, Emma takes off to get some breathing room. She ends up running into Kieran Wilcox (Amadeus Serafini), a new kid at George Washington High School. After the death of his mom and stepdad a couple weeks ago, Kieran was forced to move in with his dad, who lives in Lakewood. Sexy and mysterious, Emma and Kieran immediately connect. And despite just getting into a fight with her boyfriend, Emma moves in to kiss the new guy.

Meanwhile, things at the party are getting intense. When movie geek Noah Foster (John Karna) passes out after drinking a little too much, Jake Fitzgerald (Tom Maden) and a couple of the other jocks play a prank on him and drop him on a floating dock in the middle of the lake.

Elsewhere, Brooke has to go into her dad’s garage to kick out some of her drunk friends. But when she enters she finds that the garage is empty except for a car with lights on. Brooke shuts the lights off … just in time to hear the sound of a blade. The teen goes running for the door, only to go flying into the arms of Will. Was he trying to kill her? He looks around and finds no one in the garage, however he threatens to “break” her if she gets in-between him and Emma again.

Noah wakes up to find himself in the middle of the lake. With nothing left to do, Noah jumps in the water to swim back to shore – the same water where Brandon James “disappeared.”

Does that mean that the police never found Brandon’s body after they shot him? It’s possible! Noah gets pulled under by something, but fortunately Kieran is nearby to save the day. He pulls his classmate out of the water, and it looks like the “thing” that pulled Noah under was actually fishing line. However, Noah’s not so certain.

Since Emma is still mad at Will, Kieran drives her home. When he pulls up outside he discovers his dad leaving her house – his dad is Sheriff Hudson.

With the mysteries in town building up, Sheriff Hudson approaches Noah the next day on school grounds. After questioning him about his knowledge of Brandon James, Sheriff Hudson asks Noah to swing by the station the following day for questioning.

The premiere episode of “Scream” ends with Emma visiting Audrey to confess that Nina filmed the video of her and that she was there with her. Audrey’s upset, and sends her former friend away. As Emma begins to walk home she receives a call on her cell phone from an unknown number.

The caller identifies himself as a “friend” and questions her about why she’s crying. Emma is immediately frightened at the thought that someone is watching her. But the mysterious caller tells her that he’s been watching her for awhile – via Facebook, Instagram and more. He tells her that she has the perfect smile online … and is going to be the one that “lifts the mask.”

In the final moments it’s revealed that Audrey has a photo of Brandon James on her wall.

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