What do you do when a crazed killer is on the loose in your town? Throw a party, of course! Lakewood is celebrating its 100th birthday in episode 8 of “Scream and everyone is invited — including the new Brandon James murderer.

The promo video for the upcoming installment of the MTV series reveals that the mysterious killer will kidnap Kieran (Amadeus Serafini) while everyone is focused on the town festival. Emma (Willa Fitzgerald) receives a text message with a photo of her beau tied up inside the funhouse, forcing her to enter in order to save him. The synopsis for the episode, titled “Village of the Damned,” teases that the killer will make the teen go “through a gauntlet of not so fun and games.”

Elsewhere, Brooke will “launch an attack on the entire town.” But what exactly does that mean? The teen has been distraught ever since discovering Jake’s (Tom Maden) body, and her encounter with Mr. Branson (Bobby Campo) the week prior did not help. Will something else push her over the edge? It may have something to do with Audrey (Bex Taylor-Klaus). The killer threatened to expose Audrey’s secret to Brooke last week, but Ms. Lang’s (Austin Highsmith) fall derailed everything. Noah’s (John Karna) encouraging his best friend to come clean about her involvement with Piper (Amelia Rose Blaire) last year, but Brooke may already know.

Finally, fans might be able to draw more clues from the title of the episode. As previously reported, every single episode of Season 2 is named after a horror movie. This week’s episode is named after “Village of the Damned” a 1960 British science fiction horror flick that was re-made by horror legend John Carpenter in 1995. “Village of the Damned” is about a town where women mysteriously get pregnant and give birth on the same day. The children all have blonde hair, but don’t act like other children their age. They’re cold and calculating, and possess supernatural abilities that allow them to read minds and manipulate people.

This could hint that more information on Emma’s childhood is coming. Although “Scream” fans thought that Maggie’s (Tracy Middendorf) secrets were exposed last year, it appears as if she’s still holding onto some. Last week Sheriff Acosta (Anthony Ruivivar) brought Maggie out to the old Brandon James barn after finding a photo of a young Emma with a man whose face was scratched out.

“This is about Emma,” he warned Maggie. “We both know it could be our own fault.”

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