Happy 100 years, Lakewood! The bodies in town keep piling up, but that’s not going to stop everyone from celebrating in episode 8 of MTV’s “Scream.”

The episode begins with Audrey (Bex Taylor-Klaus) waking up to something dripping on her. The words “12 dead” are written above her in blood — and that’s not all. “No one will ever forgive you,” the killer also wrote on her mirror.

Now that Noah (John Karna) knows about Audrey’s secret, she tells her best friend about the new message. She doesn’t know what to do, but Noah does. He insists that it’s time to tell Emma (Willa Fitzgerald) the truth. It’s the only thing that will set Audrey free. Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done.

Like Audrey, Emma has a lot on her mind right now. Word has spread about the fire at the model home, and Emma knows that she has to come clean to Sheriff Acosta (Anthony Ruivivar). Forcing Eli (Sean Grandillo) to accompany her, Emma visits the remains of the house to confess that they were there when the fire started. But what Emma doesn’t know — and Sheriff Acosta isn’t saying — is that two bodies were found burned to a crisp upstairs.

Sheriff Acosta appears to believe Emma when she says that they played no role in starting the fire, but that doesn’t explain who poured accelerant on the house. He warns Emma to stay away from Eli, revealing that her new friend has an ugly history with girls her age. It turns out that Eli has a restraining order out against him in Atlanta. He broke into the girl’s bedroom while she was sleeping.

Now that two more bodies have turned up, Acosta needs Maggie (Tracy Middendorf) back on the case as the medical examiner.

“Help me find this monster,” he begs. But is the monster living under his own roof? Acosta goes through some of the contents of Ms. Lang’s (Austin Highsmith) office and discovers that she has been keeping tapes from her students — and Gustavo’s (Santiago Segura) name is on one of those tapes. Acosta listens with horror as his son talks to the psychology teacher about his obsession with serial killers. Afraid of what his son might be capable of, Acosta rips apart his room looking for the Brandon James mask that he knows he has. Gustavo walks in to find his dad ransacking the room but refuses to play along when his dad demands the mask. That’s when Acosta reveals that there was an incident involving a gun going off at Gustavo’s old school in Phoenix.

“He was my friend,” Gustavo tells his dad. “I needed to remember how it felt.”

What is he talking about? That’s going to remain a mystery for now.

One would think that the bodies/ fire would shut down the Lakewood 100 year carnival, but Mayor Maddox (Bryan Batt) is insisting that everyone continue to move forward. And that includes his daughter Brooke (Carlson Young). Although she’s still mourning the death of Jake (Tom Maden), he wants her to participate in the Lady of the Lake pageant. Brooke’s willing to play dress up, but she has no plans on winning this thing — especially since the winner has to pick up garbage as part of community service. That’s why she decides to focus all her efforts on making sure Zoe (Kiana Ledé) wins the title.

As Brooke and Zoe plan project makeover, Emma goes to Kieran (Amadeus Serafini) to apologize for fighting with him. She finally understands that he was trying to keep her safe and explains that she knows about what happened to his mom and step-dad. Kieran’s upset that Eli would tell Emma about what happened, but it turns out that there is more to the story than that.

“I don’t want you hanging out with him,” Kieran tells Emma. “He’s not right.”

Kieran doesn’t need to tell Emma twice — especially after what Acosta told her about Eli’s restraining order.

After patching things up with Kieran, Emma meets up with Audrey at the carnival. Audrey received a video from the killer of him watching Emma sleep, but she still can’t find the right moment to tell her good friend about her involvement with Piper (Amelia Rose Blaire). Fortunately there is a lot to distract them at the carnival.

Kieran attacks Eli after his cousin eggs him on by saying that he didn’t even tell Emma “the worst part” about the death of his mom and step-dad. This leads Emma to tell Audrey about Eli’s restraining order, and that gets Audrey thinking — if Eli has a history of breaking into other peoples bedrooms, then he could be the one harassing her. She tells Emma that someone snuck into her room last night, but fails to mention anything about Piper.

Scream Season 2, episode 8 Kieran (Amadeus Serafini, pictured) fought his cousin Eli (Sean Grandillo) in episode 8 of “Scream.” Photo: MTV

Meanwhile, Brooke gets hammered (thanks to a flask that Zoe snuck in) and proceeds to give a speech in front of everyone about how Lakewood is “cursed.”

“People die in this town,” she says. “All the time. And we act like nothing happened.”

The town is shocked by her bold speech — but Brooke’s right. While the Lakewood residents are celebrating without a care in the world, Maggie’s able to identify one of the bodies at the burned down model home. The first body is unidentifiable, but Maggie is able to determine that it was a male in his mid 20s to early 30s who died a few days earlier from a stab wound to the neck. The second person she’s able to pull prints to identify as Seth Branson (Bobby Campo). Of course, she was only able to pull prints from the left hand, because the right hand was severed.

Sheriff Acosta seems shocked at this development — but only because he’s hiding a secret. He pulls out drawings his son has done, and one of them includes Seth Branson tied up to a bed. Is Gustavo the one that hacked off Branson’s hand? Or is the photo simply fan fiction inspired by Brooke? Sheriff Acosta doesn’t know what to think. But he knows one thing is certain — they need to keep an eye on Emma.

One of his deputies is watching the teen at the carnival, but loses her when she receives a text from Kieran. The text says to meet her by the Ferris wheel, but when she gets there, Kieran is not there. She receives another message from Kieran’s phone, revealing that the killer has him inside the funhouse.

Emma rushes inside to rescue her beau, and the deputy goes in shortly after. Emma doesn’t find Kieran — but the killer finds the police officer. He throws the deputy through a glass mirror, knocking him out. Emma stumbles across his body, and seeing the killer in the reflection of broken glass, reaches for the deputy’s gun. She fires at her stalker, but the bullet misses.

The killer goes running out of the funhouse and Emma is right behind him, gun still in her hand. By now a large group has gathered outside the funhouse due to the gunfire and the police yell for both Emma and the killer to drop their weapons. Emma puts down the gun, but the killer doesn’t let go of his knife. When the police get closer they discover that it’s not the real killer, but Kieran underneath the mask. The real murderer duct taped a knife to Kieran’s hand and duct taped his mouth. It wasn’t the killer that Emma almost shot  — it was her boyfriend.

 Emma’s horrified that she almost killed Kieran, but he’s just happy that they’re both OK. He takes the opportunity to tell her the truth about the night his mom and step dad died. He was in the car with them that night when he got into a fight with his step dad. His step dad took his eyes off the road for a minute, which is what caused the accident.

“It’s on me,” he explains. “I carry that around.”

Despite the incident at the funhouse, the rest of the carnival goes off without a hitch. Zoe is named the Lady of the Lake winner and heads back to Noah’s house to celebrate. Things begin to get hot and heavy between the two until a phone call from Audrey interrupts them. Zoe leaves, promising that they’ll have their moment when the time is right. But Zoe’s night isn’t over. She releases the audio recording of Audrey’s confession to Emma. Audrey walks into Emma’s room just as her friend hears her say that she’s the one responsible for bringing Piper to Lakewood.