Talk about outshining the bride.

A viral video showing a 2-year-old flower girl running and screaming down the aisle stole the Web's attention Tuesday after the clip aired on the Friday episode of "America's Funniest Home Videos." The show is now deeming the clip "the best flower girl entrance at a wedding ever" on its official AFV YouTube channel.

The video owner, dmpeiffer on YouTube, first uploaded the clip last year, which currently has more than 200,000 views.

Most commenters are calling the situation a bride's worst nightmare.

"If that was my child, I would have just died -- just die!! She was too funny," user snapame said.

Others commenters are calling the video cruel, but a rep for the show responded saying that the video was broadcasted all in good fun.

"[She was] probably just overwhelmed, but it's adorable!"

It’s a normal tradition for a couple to want to capture every moment of their wedding day. But what happens when the younger members of the wedding party have unpredictable plans of their own? Here are seven of some of the biggest -- and funniest -- flower girl screw-ups on the Web.

'Funny Wedding Flower Girl Makes A Big Entrance'

This video of a 2-year-old screaming and running down the aisle during a wedding processional went viral after the clip first aired on “America’s Funneist Videos” last week. Making almost as much buzz as the flower girl is the ring bearer who follows looking embarrassed as he makes his way down the aisle.

'Funny Flower Girl Yells Down The Aisle For The Groom'

Flower girl Teagan appears to be on the right track. She makes her way down the aisle only to stop after a few feet and proceeds to repeatedly yell for the groom, refusing to continue the ceremony. After amusing the audience, another wedding guest eventually persuades the girl to finish her walk.

'Flower Girl Slaps Bride - Wedding Blooper'

Who says all flower girl catastrophes have to happen during the ceremony? In this viral clip, an older flower girl can be seen dancing for the cameras until the bride makes an unexpected appearance behind her and is unceremoniously slapped in the face. Luckily, the bride seems to have a good sense of humor about the situation.

'Flower Girl Passes Gas During The Vows'

In this short clip, we don’t even get to see the girl in question, but you can definitely hear her. Just as the bride and groom are reaching the crucial moment in their vow excchange, the flower girl can be heard passing gas. The happy couple doesn’t seem to notice, but the preacher sure does.

'Adorably Funny Video Of Flower Girl Falling Asleep At The Altar'

This little girl appears to have made it through the whole ceremony but just can't keep her eyes open any longer, taking it upon herself to curl up and take a nap on the church steps. The girls seems to be getting away with it until her parents silently swoop her into the audience.

'Bossy Flower Girl'

We’ve heard of a "Bridezilla" but never "Flowergirlzilla," This video, which has been featured on "Tosh.O," shows a young girl acting as the audience moderator, repeatedly telling guests to "shush" and holding her finger over her mouth while the couple complete the vows. At one point, she even tells the wedding photographer to “back up” and be quiet as well. At least the bride in this wedding knows this wedding party member definitely has her back.

'Funny Flower Girls'

We don’t get to see their walk down the aisle, but these two flower girls have already stolen the show. The pair can be seen sitting on the church steps swinging to the rhythm of the bridal march while donning matching baskets on their heads before the bride has even made her big entrance.