A sea turtle mauled in a shark attack is now swimming freely again after being fitted with artificial limbs at a Japanese aquarium. Make way for the bionic amphibian.

As seen in the video from the AFP below, 25-year-old Yu, a loggerhead turtle, can employ the rubber paddles attached to a vest just as well as a pair of normal flippers:

"We have worked hard to design the vest in a way that prevents the turtle from taking it off unwittingly," aquarium curator Naoki Kamezaki told the AFP. "It can flutter the limbs as the vest is soft."

Yu had had other prosthetics before, but these were squeezed onto her stumps and caused pain, according to the AFP.

The turtle isn't the only lucky creature getting better living through artificial limbs. Other animals have found a new and reinvigorated life thanks to prostheses.


japandolphintail The same stuff that keeps a racecar on the road can keep a dolphin swimming. Photo: Reuters


Fuji, a dolphin at an Okinawa aquarium, received a prosthetic tail after her original had to be amputated after she contracted a skin disease. The $83,000 artificial tail was made out of the same silicon rubber used in Formula One race car tires and reinforced with carbon fiber.




Last year, a bald eagle named Beauty was fitted with an artificial beak after being shot in the face by a poacher. The new beak was made with a 3-D printer and allows the bird to feed and groom herself.


British cat Oscar, who lost both hind legs in an accident, made headlines in 2010 when video surfaced of him (adorably) trying out his new artificial limbs: