SeaMicro, a manufacturer of low energy data servers, is using Intel dual-core processors for its next major product.

The x86 server, called the SM10000-64, combines SeaMicro's server architecture with 256 of the latest 64-bit Intel Atom N570 dual-core processors. It delivers 512 1.66 GHz x86 cores in a 10 rack unit-tall system.

SeaMicro says using the Intel technology reduces power and space by more than 75 percent without the need for any software modifications. Furthermore, the Santa Clara, Calif.-based company delivers more computations per unit power and unit space than any x86 system ever built. The company says it is the industry leader in bandwidth per unit computation, at almost five times the industry average.

The N570 processor supports 64-bit operating systems, four gigabytes of operating system addressable memory per socket and is the first low power Atom processor to support virtualization. Its efficiency is impressive as well. Each processor uses less than one watt for each gigahertz of computations.

Intel is committed to working with innovative companies to deliver extraordinary solutions, Jason Waxman, general manager of Intel's Data Center Group, said in a statement. The combination of SeaMicro's unique server architecture and the new dual core Intel Atom processor, which provides 64 bit OS support and four gigabytes of OS addressable memory all while maintaining the benefits of x86 software compatibility, make for a very compelling value proposition.

It's available in the U.S. now and its base configuration is priced at $148,000.

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