width=291A search and destroy mission against Dengue Fever is ready to begin after a reported positive case in Gladstone. This has been prompted by the Queensland health authority to put a stop against mosquitoes that carry the virus in the city.

An unknown type of dengue has been discovered in a local resident after he returned recently from an overseas holiday.

Queensland Health is now urging their residents to start cleaning their places where waters are trapped and can be a good source for mosquitoes to lay their eggs.

Door to door inspections have now started in hotspots to try to reduce dengue carrying mosquitoes.

Paul Florian, director of environmental health services for Central Queensland Public Health unit, said, Dengue mosquitoes usually breed in urban areas, not in swamps or creeks. I would like to stress that there is no outbreak as we have no locally-acquired cases, and that we have numerous dengue imports to Australia throughout the year.