The MTA has resumed operations on the Second Avenue subway project Monday evening. After taking two weeks off of the project, after residents complained about the noise , dust and odors that the construction produces.

The MTA says the Second Avenue subway is critical in order to relieve train traffic on the East Side of Manhattan. The MTA, however, imposed their own restrictions on the amounts of work and blasting they will conduct. They believe that the construction will slowdown.

We're doing a calibrated blast, and we'll increase it as we go along, said the MTA's capital construction chief Michael Horodniceanu, according to the New York Post.

The MTA says that they closed some openings between the tunnels and streets that let out smoke and dust from explosions. They also installed misting systems that keep the dust out of the air, according to NY1.

Residents, however, were still skeptical about the dust and smoke, although they admit they saw less than before.

Interesting they chose the black of night, because during the day it has been so bad that we all avoid walking on this street, said a local resident, according to NY1.

Horodniceanu said that the preliminary air quality tests and fall within the Environmental Protection Agency's guidelines. The final report on air quality is due by the end of December.