In a 2014-2015 network television season that is heavy on murder, ABC’s “Secrets and Lies” joins a large list of new homicide-centric shows -- including “How to Get Away with Murder” and “American Crime.” The new series, starring Ryan Phillippe (“Damages”), does not have a premiere date yet, but is expected to air mid-season in late 2014 or early 2015.

“Secrets and Lies” is based on an Australian series of the same name and follows Phillippe’s character, Ben Garner, a suburban husband and father who finds a neighborhood boy dead in the woods while jogging one morning. Garner goes right to the police, seemingly doing the right thing, but the show takes a turn when the detective on the case, played by Juliette Lewis (“The Firm”), believes Garner might have something to do with the boy’s murder. We soon find out that no one in this small town can be trusted and everyone has a secret to hide.

Check out six reasons you should watch the premiere of ABC’s “Secrets and Lies”:

1. Ryan Phillippe

The biggest draw for this show is its star. In addition to bringing in a number of female fans with his looks, Phillippe has built an impressive career appearing in critically acclaimed films such as “Crash,” Gosford Park,” and “Flags of Our Fathers.” The actor has recently gotten back into the television world (he formerly starred in “One Life to Live”) guest starring in “Damages,” and fans can look forward to seeing him carry the new drama series.

2. Juliette Lewis

The critically acclaimed actress, with an Oscar nomination to her name for Martin Scorsese’s “Cape Fear,” brings some prestige to “Secrets and Lies.” Playing the detective who suspects Phillippe’s Garner of murder, she turns to the role into an interestingly complex character that fans won’t be sure if they can trust.

3. The Secrets and Lies

The show’s title might be a bit on the nose, but that doesn’t mean it’s a lie (no pun intended). If the trailer is any indication, the show will be fulfilled surprises, twists, and intrigue. Garner’s wife (Kadee Strickland of "Private Practice") will begin to doubt her husband’s innocence, a flashlight (identical to one implicated in the murder) will go missing from Garner’s house and the town will start to turn against his family. The tension level on this show will be high.

4. It's Intense

Just watch the trailer!

“Secrets and Lies” is not just going for a run-of-the-mill soap opera drama. The show looks gritty and dark -- from Garner’s intense run while discovering the dead boy, to Juliette’s Lewis’ creepily cold suspicion of the show’s main character (in one shot looming outside of his window).

5. The Australian Version

If the trailer does not convince you, a quick scan of the synopsis for “Secrets and Lies” teases that fans will not be able to see the show’s twists and turns coming. While we won’t give away any spoilers here, if the show follows closely to the plot laid out in the original series, fans will not be disappointed.

6. A Familiar Writer

"Secrets and Lies" will be written and produced by Barbie Kilgman, best know for her work on "Private Practice," another very popular ABC show. Her experience on the "Grey's Anatomy" spin-off bodes well for "Secrets and Lies'" success.

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