Detective Andrea Cornell is determined to solve Kate Warner’s death in episode 2 of “Secrets and Lies” Season 2.

The premiere episode of the ABC drama introduced the Warner’s, a wealthy family celebrating patriarch John’s (Terry O’Quinn) retirement and the promotion of his eldest son, Eric (Michael Ealy). Unfortunately the party got cut short when Eric’s new wife, Kate (Jordana Brewster) fell from the roof of the 12-story building.

Autopsy results proved that Kate was 8 months pregnant and that a struggle ensued before her death. That turned Cornell’s investigation into a homicide case — and Eric is the prime suspect.

According to the synopsis for episode 2, titled “The Husband,” Cornell will interrogate Eric after learning of his “shocking past transgression.” Viewers don’t know all the details, but it was revealed in episode 1 that Eric was in a juvenile detention center for six months for the death of someone named Steven Porter. Who is Steven Porter? And what exactly happened to him? All Eric has said so far is that he “did not mean to kill” him.

The synopsis continues that the interrogation will reveal “the first of Kate’s many secrets.” Right now “Secrets and Lies” viewers know that she had a secret P.O. box and had previously given birth to a baby — two things that Eric did not know about his wife. With the help of his sister Amanda (Mekia Cox), who was a law school friend of Kate’s, Eric will begin his own investigation to “prove that his life with Kate wasn’t one big lie.”

It sounds as if Eric will come across some interesting information that will help prove his innocence. However, that plan backfires when Eric discovers Cornell talking to an ex-girlfriend.

Catch “Secrets and Lies” Season 2, episode 2 on ABC when it airs on Sunday, Oct. 2.