The latest string of corporate hacks now adds video game giant Sega on the victims list.  As of today, no hackers have taken responsibility.  Emerging hacker group LulzSec posted on its Twitter page, that they will defend Sega and declared war against the unnamed hackers responsible.  Interestingly, the LulzSec group, who was responsible for the latest strings of corporate hacks including the PlayStation Network, has claimed no ownership in Sega's breach. 

@Sega - contact us. We want to help you destroy the hackers that attacked you. We love the Dreamcast, these people are going down, tweeted LulzSec. 

Data from the Sega Pass website network were compromised with hackers stealing customer data ranging from emails, passwords, and date of birth.  Sega announced that the passwords were encrypted and that financial information was not part of the stolen data.  Sega customers have been advised to change passwords and be alert if they received emails requested their information. 

Sega has sent out the email message below to their customers.

We have identified that unauthorized entry was gained to our Sega Pass database...We immediately took the appropriate action to protect our consumers' data and isolate the location of the breach. We have launched an investigation into the extent of the breach of our public systems.

We have identified that a subset of Sega Pass members emails addresses, dates of birth and encrypted passwords were obtained. To stress, none of the passwords obtained were stored in plain text.

Please note that no personal payment information was stored by Sega as we use external payment providers, meaning your payment details were not at risk from this intrusion.

The Japan headquartered video game company is famous for its Sonic the Hedgehog franchise and games console such as Dreamcast and Sega Saturn.  The company changed its focus from console towards software based development in 2001. 

The Sega Pass network has been placed offline while the company investigates into the breach in hopes of uncovering more clues that may lead to how hackers infiltrated its network.  If more information is discovered about the responsible hackers, it is uncertain when, how, or even if LulzSec plans to retaliate.