Sega is pulling more games from the iTunes App Store and Google Play. Just last week the company removed a number of Sega mobile games, like “After Burner,” “Jet Set Radio” and “Golden Axe,” but it appears that those games were simply the first wave of pulled titles. Sega has announced that even more games would be removed and now the game publisher has kept its word.

According to a report from Pocket Gamer, Sega has removed the following games:

-- “Chu Chu Rocket!”

-- “Gunstar Heroes”

-- “Streets of Rage 2”

-- “Shinobi III”

-- “Sonic Spinball”

-- “Shining Force”

Just like the previous case of Sega’s removal of mobile games, the company’s focus seems to be on various ports of Sega games. “Chu Chu Rocket!” was originally a Dreamcast title that was loved by many and has now been removed from both the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

However, it seems like Sega is mostly focusing on removing iOS Sega titles, as Droid Gamers stated that there are still a certain amount of Sega ports available on Google Play. Android gamers lost “Chu Chu Rocket,” along with “Jet Set Radio” last week.

As in the case with other Sega games that have been removed, players that originally downloaded the canceled titles will still have access to them. Even if the games have been deleted, mobile users can still repurchase them on the user’s respective mobile store and device. This is good news for fans who may have been scared of losing titles like “Sonic Spinball” and “Shining Force.” 

Right now, the only classic Sega games available on the App Store are “Sonic the Hedgehog,” “Sonic the Hedgehog 2,” “Sonic CD” and the free-to-play “Crazy Taxi.” It’s currently unknown if these titles are also on the chopping block, so fans of these titles might want to purchase them now before they get deleted.

Sega has stated that these ports could come back to the App Store and Google Play, with enhancements, so that should be something fans can look forward to. For now, any Sega fans who weren’t able to download these titles will have to make due with what they currently have.

SEGA Is Removing Some Mobile Games? (Credit: YouTube/Tails' Channel)