Selena Gomez dazzled in a cute but showy gold, showgirl costume (shown below) during a concert recently. This performance on July 28 in Boca Rotan, Florida kicked off the beginning of her "We Own The Night Tour."

Her "Wizards of Waverly Place" image is slowly shedding off as the star has been gravitating towards more adult fashioned clothing this year. Not that everything she wears is low cut and skimpy. In fact, Gomez, also known as Justin Bieber's girlfriend, has been praised for her mature and age appropriate style and public image.

However, the star claims she is growing up. Her career is developing as she has grown into huge fame in just a few years. "I'm still in the phase of transition," Gomez says and claims that she has not reached her full potential.Fans and critics alike only hope that she will remain the serious and classy teen princess we know her to be.

Gomez is indeed growing up. Here are some pictures to prove it!