Serena Williams and Drake have been at the center of rumors since they were spotted kissing at an Ohio restaurant in August. A latest rumor surfaced that the tennis star was pregnant with the ‘Hotline Bling’ rapper’s child. However, Hollywood Life reported Tuesday that Williams was “not ready to have child with anyone.”

A source told that the 34-year-old tennis star was expecting her first baby with 29-year-old Drake. However, the two are not in a relationship, according to the report.

"Serena and Drake have a lot of love for each other. They're great friends. And they're going to be great parents," the source told

However, a Hollywood Life source dismissed the report and explained why Williams took break from tennis.

“[Williams’] definitely not [pregnant],” the insider told the entertainment website. “She took a break from tennis because she needed to unwind and be stress free for a few months. She is not ready to have a child with anyone, especially with it being out of wedlock. She is not having Drake’s child.”

Another source said that Drake was not in a “one-on-one” relationship with Williams and was not committed to her, according to Hollywood Life. But, the two were still a couple, the report stated.

“They are still a thing, but he is also not committed to only her, and enjoys the variety life brings in the women department. He will always be a player first,” the source said. “Drake can be with a different woman every day if he wanted to be, and he usually is; he is not in a one-on-one relationship with Serena at all.”