A wanted member of the Colombian gang Los Topos was caught by police on Friday after undergoing a sex change and numerous plastic surgery operations while on the lam.

According to the Daily News, Rebolledo, who was sentenced to 60 years in jail in 2012 for a slew of charges before he went on the run, was working as a prostitute in the coastal city of Barranquilla and going by the name Rosalinda when he was nabbed by law enforcement.

The charges against Rebolledo include kidnapping, aggravated robbery, possession and trafficking firearms, extortion and drug possession, Colombia’s el Tiempo reports.

Despite extensive surgeries, which reportedly included sex reassignment surgery, breast implants and rhinoplasty, according to the Sun, Colombian police recognized Rebolledo during a routine stop-and-search. Rebolledo is believed to be in his 30s and hails from the Colombian capital of Bogotá.

The gang Los Topos is reportedly known for using attractive women to lure wealthy male victims into attacks and then robbing them. Police say that Los Topos gang members often torture their victims with electric shocks and then steal their PIN numbers of their ATM cards and other valuables.

An unidentified eye-witness told the tabloid that Rebolledo immediately began crying when police identified him.

“It wasn’t a bad effort, but, when you’ve been sentenced to 60 years, there are going to be a few people looking for you,” the source said. "When he was found out, he burst into tears. People couldn’t believe it, especially the other prostitutes he had been associating with.”

Rebolledo was not the only gang member handed the 60-year prison sentence. Other Los Topos members who were sentence include Carlos Humberto Osorio Lancheros, Laura Catalina Zamora, José Enrique Bermúdez, María José Franco Aldana, Norvey Torres and Duván Orlando Rodríguez Torres Barrantes.

Colombian law enforcement has not commented on whether Rebolledo's surgeries were performed to evade capture, but some transgender advocates, including Trans Media Watch, have already criticized the media coverage of Rebolledo for being "transphobic."