“Whiplash” star Miles Teller presented Shailene Woodley with the trailblazer award at the 2015 MTV Movie Awards Sunday. The network honored Woodley for her inspiring film career that ranges from indie romance “The Fault in Our Stars” to the blockbuster “Divergent.” The actress responded Sunday with an equally inspiring speech.

After a particularly candid introduction from Teller -- a friend of the “Divergent” star -- Woodley came on stage to talk about how Emma Stone had moved her while accepting the same award in 2012 and how she hoped to continue to be a role model for her fans.

Read the full text of her speech below:

“I was here three years ago when Emma Stone won this award. … I remember what she said because it stayed with me all of these years. She came up here and she defined what a trailblazer was, which is an innovator, someone who forges a new path. And in her speech she said we meet thousands of people who we may be inspired by but we’ll never be anyone other than ourselves. And, in thinking about that and thinking about this whole concept of trailblazing, I realized that we can’t fully be ourselves without a community, we can’t be ourselves without people to reflect back to us who we really are."

"In that, I keep marveling at this idea at who we pick up on the trails along the way and who becomes our communities. What am I trying to say? I jut have no idea! Looking at all of you, I know some of you, I don’t know some of you, but for all of you who have been pillars to me, thank you, and for all of you who I have been able to be a pillar for, I will continue to be a pillar for. Whoever your community is, be pillars for these people. So, let’s trailblaze on!”

Woodley -- along with her “Fault in Our Stars” costar Ansel Elgort -- was honored again later in the night for best kiss.

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