Grammy winner Shakira is helping “Voice” fans forget all about Christina Aguilera. New mentors Shakira and Usher already appear to be a great fit for the show.

The blonde Colombian, whose full name is Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll, had an explosive debut on the show and is already getting comfortable.

The new mother, who just had a child with fiancé Gerard Pique, helped open up the show by playing the harmonica. She addressed contestants with lavish praise like "I'm haunted by the timbre of your voice," "You already have a light within you that projects," and "I am so passionate about you." She also has made some tough judgment calls and enjoys dropping sass on the boys, particularly Adam Levine.

NBC’s new blood has energized the show, also energizing veteran mentors Levine and Blake Lively.

Shakira joked she had “beginners luck” when picking contestants, while fellow newbie Usher reminded the hopefuls he had mentored one of the biggest stars in music today, Justin Bieber.

Usher (full name Usher Raymond IV) wooed singers onto his team, saying things like "I'm really happy that I'm gonna have you on my team" before the singer even chose Team Usher, and "I'm not one to bull---, not only will you win ‘The Voice,’ but you'll win the world over." He might have accidentally called Nashville a state, but he also tried to bribe contestants with JB tickets.

Bribery and manipulation are all part of the game in the beginning episodes of “The Voice,” and Shakira proved she could play just as hard as the boys. Quick to play the “I’m the only woman here” card, she suggested to singers she would be more understanding.

Check out “The Voice” on NBC Monday, April 1, at 8 p.m. EDT.