Season 4 of “Shameless” is nearly finished, which means fans of the hit Showtime series will soon find out what happens to the Gallagher clan. And lucky for you, the comedy-drama, based on a British series, has leaked the titles and synopsis for their final two episodes.

Episode 11, “Emily,” is set to air on March 30 and will tell the story Fiona being hauled off to a correctional facility. Is it just us, or has our protagonist been attracting more drama than ever this season? After Jimmy broke her heart, it seemed Fiona was finally going to take the road less traveled -- and less troublesome. She found herself an office job selling paper products and even got into a safe relationship with her kind and trustworthy boss, Mike. But, as always, trouble seems to trail Fiona where ever she goes. And in this case, it was in the shape of a beautiful addict: her boyfriend’s brother, Robbie.

Robbie loves a rush, and he makes that perfectly clear to Fiona the night he sleeps with her at Mike’s house. Since Fiona has a weakness for bad boys, she lets her fling with Robbie continue until she realizes just how destructive he really is. Eventually, Fiona winds up in jail after Robbie leaves cocaine in her home. The guardian of the house snorts the leftover drugs during a party and it ends up in the tiny hands of Liam, who is found unconscious in the kitchen. Fiona is then hauled off to jail and eventually put under house arrest.

Because of this, Lip questions his sister’s ability to act as a guardian, and takes the kids out of her custody temporarily. Fiona has now realized that it’s her own actions that have brought her to this point in her life. She can’t blame Frank, Jimmy or Robbie for her troubles but in fact has to learn to take responsibility. Will we be able to cheer for Fiona once again? Looks like it. According to episode 12, “Lazarus,” which will air April 6, she will finally get out of jail after violating her probation. Perhaps time behind bars has helped Fiona see clearly.

Spoilers tell us that Fiona will actually be rolling up her sleeves in the season 4 finale to help support her family once again. And luckily for the feisty babe, she’ll get another super hot boss: Jeffrey Dean Morgan. According to Entertainment Weekly, Morgan will play Charlie, Fiona’s new manager at the diner where she’ll be a waitress. Do you think Fiona will be locking lips with her supervisor? If she did, we wouldn’t blame her! 

During the final episode of Season 4, we’ll also watch “Frank act like his old self again.” Does this mean Frank will overcome his liver disease by the finale? We know he's been doing everything in his power to stay alive, from breaking his bones for insurance to dry humping his own daughter for an organ. Frank is like a cockroach that just can't be killed.

Do you really think "Shameless" would kill off their main character? Well, considering they the dug Jimmy's grave in Season 3, we wouldn't be too surprised to see Frank die. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below and don’t forget to tune into “Shameless” when the Showtime production airs its next episode, “The Legend of Bonnie and Carl,” this Sunday at 9 p.m. EDT.