It’s been nearly eight years since news broke of Shania Twain's separation from husband Robert "Mutt" Lange. Recalling that painful time, the country singer revealed feeling devastated, especially since Lange ultimately married Twain’s former best friend.

Twain says her relationship with Lange is now cordial, E! News reported, largely because the two share a 13-year-old son named Eja. However, Twain has severed her ties with ex-best friend Marie-Anne Thiebaud. Twain even admitted in March that she wishes she never met Thiebaud and was at a loss for words when the two bumped into each other. "I had a total panic attack," Twain said. "I just told her that she was a bad person -- that's all I could get out!"

Twain’s interview with the New York Post also describes the singer’s life challenges, from the loss of her parents in a car crash, to the illness that almost took Twain’s singing voice, up to the betrayal that broke her heart. "I don't see her, ever," Twain said, referring to Thiebaud. "I don't invite that trigger into my life. … She's not my future."

Twain's 2011 memoir, “From This Moment On,” also talked about how there’s “nothing like being stabbed in the back” to make you lose face. And although the Grammy Award winner battled through personal and health challenges, she eventually found love again and, in a weird twist of fate, married Thiebaud's ex -- Swiss-born Nestle executive Frédéric Thiébaud -- in 2011.  By 2012, the country singer was back, having landed a performance deal at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

Currently, Twain has been struggling to finish her first album in 13 years, the New York Daily News reported. The singer’s new album contains songs that described the hardest years of her life. The “You’re Still The One” crooner is also focused on what she calls her “last-ever tour,” which will include three dates in New York City’s Madison Square Garden beginning Tuesday.