Shark Week draws thousands of viewers to the Discovery Channel to watch extraordinary tales involving the fearsome fish. Twitter has exploded with Shark Week enthusiasts, many of whom anticipated the megalodon “mockumentary,” or fake documentary “Megalodon: The Monster Shark Lives,” but the fun isn’t over just yet.

What could be better than watching sharks? Sharks plus booze! The Internet has offered up several drinking games. The first involves nine different cues with the amount of gulps included.

This is when you should take a drink, according to the original drinking game:

1.       If someone is referred to as a “shark expert” -- Take two sips

2.       Drink if a shark becomes airborne. --Continue drinking until it’s back in the water

3.       If someone speaks with an Australian accent-- Take one sip

4.       If anyone gives advice on how to survive a shark attack --Take two sips

5.       When the “Jaws” theme music is played -- Take three sips

6.       If a shark attack is re-enacted -- Take two sips

7.       If someone dies -- Finish your drink in their honor

8.       If anyone gets submerged in a steel cage -- Take three sips

9.       If a shark is caught or trapped -- Take two sips


In addition to adding a few more reasons to drink while watching Discovery’s shark week, compiled its own list.

According to their drinking game, shark week viewers should also take a sip if someone speaks with a South African or British accent. Drinking from when someone is in a steel cage has been upgraded to any cage.

Here are some of their own invented rules:

--Drink whenever someone refers to chum, a shark attack statistic or plain-old shark fact, but this can only be done once per person.

--Take a gulp if the camera shows someone on a surfboard or swimming when a shark is in the same frame. Another sip should be taken if a chewed-up surfboard is shown.

--Whenever a new person is interviewed, a drink should be taken.

--When the episode ends, finish your drink. If you completed your beverage before the episode ended, chug another one.

--If someone mentions your home state, take a swig.

--Every time a different type of shark is identified take a sip. If it’s the type that doesn’t attack humans, like a nurse shark, take two more sips.

--Drink if a shark attacks an animal and don’t stop until it dies. If it’s a seal, finish your beverage.

--Take a sip when Andy Samberg comes on the screen.

--When a subdued shark is poked, prodded or given a tracking device on a boat, take a gulp.

--Take a swig whenever someone posts a #SharkWeek status on Facebook or Twitter

--Just drink because it’s Shark Week

For those who don’t want to keep track of all the different rules, Facebook user Joe Ferrari had a simple solution: “Every time you hear the word ‘shark,’ pound a beer. The last person standing wins.”

Happy Shark Week!