Think you have the gills to throw the world’s greatest Shark Week-themed party? We know you do – but just in case you need some assistance, we’re here to help you host the most fabulous fishy shindig in all the land (and sea) in honor of the Discovery Channel’s 2014 season. Ready? Because it’s time to put your party planning hats on before Shark Week airs its 27th anniversary premiere on Sunday, Aug. 10, at 8:00 p.m. EDT.

Chow Down

If your guests are anything like the sharks featured on the 2014 season of Shark Week, then we’re sure they’ll be arriving at your get-together with tummies rumbling. Here’s some fishy-themed food to make sure all your friends are fed:

1. Chum Buckets – Fill some colorful sand pals with your favorite treats. May we suggest a snack version of fish & chips complete with Pepperidge Farm Goldfish and tasty Lay's potato chips.

2. Hey, artsy folks! For those of you who are crafty with a knife, here are some ideas to totally blow your guests out of the water: A watermelon shark filled with treats, a cucumber shark to guard your veggies, and a deviled egg boat to sail through the shark-filled waters during your fiesta.

3. Keep it classic with shrimp cocktail shooters. Your guests will devour these treats whole!

4. Feeling fancy? Then whip up a couple of these flavorful fish tacos!


Hooting and hollering for your favorite shark will undoubtedly leave you thirsty. So quench your thirst (and your guests') with these deep-sea delights:

1. Bonus points go out to the host who puts his/her bar in a boat like this!

2. For the kiddies (21 and under), put together a fun, non-alcoholic drink for them to sip on, like “Blood in a Bottle.” Kool-Aid or cranberry juice would suffice to give it a bloody look. Jazz it up with fruit or seltzer.

3. Shark Week cocktails: From “Shark Bite Bloody Marys” to “Jaw’s Juice,” Style On Main has you covered with yummy (21+) beverage recipes.

4. For the beer drinker: Buy your buddies a few cases of LandShark Lager or Dog Fish Craft-Brewed Ales and raise your shark beer mug to the ocean’s fiercest predators.


Celebrate Shark Week with some sweet treats:

1. Shark and Beach cupcakes will make your dessert table look festive and delicious.

2. Scared Swimmers and Swimming Shark cookies will be the talk of your party! All you need are some cookie cutters and a pinch of decorating skills, and you’re good to go!

Party Favors

1. Leave a lasting impression on guests by giving them a gift to-go. Purchase a couple boxes of Swedish Fish and package the gummy goodies together with an inflatable shark (uninflated, of course). You can check out what the final product of the adorable Pinterest idea looks like here!


Complete your Shark Week party with these fun and creative DIY decoration ideas:

1. Jelly Fish spectators will watch over your party to make sure no one gets out of hand – err, we mean fin.

2. Grab some nets and a plethora of blue-hued balloons to create an under-the-sea type of vibe at your party.

3. Make your Shark Week premiere party picture perfect with these shark photo props by having your guests tread shark-filled waters and even pose in the jaws of death!

4. Warn your guests that danger is lurking with this bitten surf board party decor.

5. Your guests will tip these Shark Week party-themed hats to you after you hand them the crafty creatures to put on their heads.

How are you celebrating the 2014 season of Shark Week? Sound off in the comments section below with your premiere-party plans and ideas.