“Sharkeisha.” That’s one of the few topics Twitter could talk about Tuesday night after a video that had already gone viral on Instagram started to get attention on the mini-blog, too. An unsuspecting girl gets punched hard in the face as an onlooker films the assault.

[View the graphic, violent video here]

The video begins with someone off screen saying, “You know what you did, Shay” and then the girl, whom viewers call Sharkeisha, lays a punch straight to Shay’s face, which nearly knocks her out. Sharkeisha continues to strike the victim, who seems to be named Shay, as she helplessly tries to block the blows with her hands over her head.

At one point, the assailant kicks the girl, who has already collapsed into a ball on the ground. That’s when spectators interfere. “Don’t kick her, Sharkeisha!” one of them yells before running over to pull the attacker off the victim.

It sounds like there were a few people watching, and while the person filming the event seems to be in shock and says, “oh my God,” she doesn’t put down her camera to stop. But once Sharkeisha continues to beat Shay as she is down on the ground, and even kicks her, it’s clear the fight has gone from amusing to serious and is mercifully stopped when someone else intervenes and pulls Sharkeisha away.

The video, which is less than 20 seconds, has already garnered more than 20,000 likes on Instagram after it was posted by im_stupid___ less than a day ago. It has generated more than 30,000 comments, with many viewers in disbelief at the vicious way Sharkeisha attacked the victim.

The Instagram user im_stupid___ only identifies on the social media site as “Breezy” and doesn’t provide any further personal information. The only caption for the Sharkeisha fight reads: “Daaaaaaaammmmnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!”

Twitter had plenty to say about the fight, ranging from approval to outrage to wondering why someone would name their daughter Sharkeisha. Check out the comments below: 


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