Fans are still tweeting about the Wednesday premiere of Syfy’s “Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!” The third installment brought the shock factor with celebrity cameos and brutal shark deaths, but viewers will soon be wondering what will happen next when Fin Shepard (Ian Ziering), everyone's favorite shark exterminator, and the franchise return Summer 2016 for “Sharknado 4.”

It will be hard to raise the stakes after taking on sharks in space in "Sharknado 3," but here are 4 ideas for where the “Sharknado” franchise will go next for the fourth movie:

1. Europe

After ravaging the entire East Coast, it would be quite anticlimactic for the franchise to focus on just one city again. It might be time for “Sharknado” to take a Eurotrip. It would be more than entertaining to watch Fin brave language barriers as he traversed the continent to stop sharks from destroying Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower and the Roman Colosseum.

2. Asia

Or perhaps Asia would make for a more nail-biting battle with the next batch of shark infested storms. With many of the most populous cities in the world residing in Japan and China, the opportunity for some major destruction is huge. Plus, after multiple encounters with Godzilla, Tokyo should be more than ready to handle a sharknado.

3. Mars

Ok, this idea might be a little out of this world (no pun intended), but after a gravity-free confrontation with sharks on a space shuttle in “Sharknado 3” (not to mention watching Mark Cuban acting as President of the United States), anything is possible. The Red Planet would certainly be raising the stakes!

4. The Ocean

Maybe the only place left for “Sharknado” to go is the home of the sharks themselves. Many of the frustrated sharknado survivors in “Sharknado 3” expressed their desire to “kill every shark.” Perhaps that will be just what they do. Fin’s space laser may have stopped the storms for now, but he might need to go to the source to stop the sharks for good.

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